Cars can be a money pit. There’s the cost of buying them and there’s the cost of running them. On top of that, there’s the inevitable depreciation as you watch your pride and joy sink in value.

Not all cars depreciate at the same rate though. There are some that can increase in value over time if managed correctly, particularly the limited production versions of exotic supercars. That’s all well and good, but buying a Ferrari or a Porsche isn’t a practical answer to the low cost motoring conundrum facing most of us.

We spoke to Derren Martin, head of UK valuations at HPI, the automotive data company, about the cars that best hold their value. Many of the names on the list (see below) won’t surprise you, however, lurking in eighth place is the humble Suzuki Jimny whose little 1.3 litre engine has motored it into the company of V8s, V10s and V12s.

In recent years the Jimny has slowly built a bit of a cult following. In turn, this has led to a relatively low supply in the UK as the manufacturer has tried to handle global demand. It’s this shortness of supply that helps it retain so much of its value. Indeed, according to HPI, the Jimny will hold 80% of its value. That’s more than a Lamborghini Aventador – and the Jimny is more practical on the school or supermarket run.

As Derren explained: “Whilst the types of vehicles on this list vary from supercars to camper vans to affordable SUVs, the two things that they all have in common are that they are generally easy on the eye and produced in limited numbers for the UK. That makes supply in the used car market low and demand high.”

Here are 10 of the best depreciators provided by HPI:

DerivativeNew Price Retained (OCN) %
FERRARI 458 Speciale 2dr Auto (2014 ----) 120.3
PORSCHE 911 GT3 RS 2dr PDK (2015 - 2016) 115.4
PORSCHE Cayman 3.8 GT4 2dr (2015 - 2016) 107.8
PORSCHE Boxster 3.8 Spyder 2dr (2015 - 2016) 88.9
FERRARI 488 Spider 2dr Auto (2016 ----) 85.9
VOLKSWAGEN California 2.0 BiTDI BlueMotion Tech SE 180 4dr DSG (2012 - 2015) 85.8
PORSCHE Macan 5dr PDK (2014 - 2016) 83.6
SUZUKI Jimny 1.3 VVT SZ4 3dr (2009 - 2018) 80.0
LAMBORGHINI Aventador Coupe LP 700-4 2dr ISR (2011 ----) 78.3
AUDI RS 3 Sportback 2.5 TFSI RS 3 Quattro 5dr S Tronic (2015 - 2015) 75.4

Note: these are retail advertised values, but transaction values wouldn’t be far behind, if at all.

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