To enable their customers to have more choice on how they make claims, Ageas customers can report a range of claims online.

After finding a leak in November 2023, Kim Hewitt couldn’t believe how easy the Ageas online claims tool was.

Kim recalls: “I had just had a shower and as I got out of the over bath shower, I noticed a lot of water on the floor. Initially I thought nothing of it, but when I pulled the shower mat up, I discovered a crack at the bottom of the bath. It was a bit of a shock.”

“The skirting board was ruined and the flooring damaged and warped, it was a nightmare.”

Using Ageas’s online reporting tool, Kim said she “couldn’t believe how easy it was.”

She continued: “I filled out a form online, received a couple of emails, and then had a call back from Michael.”

Michael Butlin, claim handler at Ageas, said: “By reporting online, Mrs Hewitt was able to easily upload photos of the damage. During our telephone conversation, we discussed the work that would be required. With the use of our building repair scoping tools and Mrs Hewitt’s wonderful measurement of the bathroom (two and half bathtubs wide!), I was glad we were able to quickly calculate an appropriate cash settlement.”

Kim added: “I have never had to make any sort of claim before, but Michael made it so easy to go through the process. He talked me through what to expect and what would happen next.”

“He really is a credit to the company, and I want to thank him for all his help, he’s a true professional.”

The online scoping tool Michael used is updated with tradespersons’ labour and materials rates regularly, allowing him to make appropriate offers of cash settlement. In doing so, customers can directly pay their own tradespeople.

Michael explains: “The tool was used in the settlement of this claim as we had dimensions of the affected area and details of the extent of damage. A cash settlement allows customers to have works carried out at their convenience and the claim to be resolved promptly.”

By offering customers the option to make claims online and having access to a range of tools, Ageas is working hard to make the reporting process easier and more efficient.