Home insurance is there for when the unexpected happens. After a water leak caused extensive damage to their bathroom, Mr and Mrs Mansfield were impressed with the service Ageas provided. 

One night in September 2023, George and Janet Mansfield’s sleep was disturbed by what they describe as a “hissing noise”.

Erring on the side of caution and worried that the noise could indicate there was a leak, George called a plumber the following day.

When the plumber arrived at the property, their suspicions were confirmed.

Janet recalls: “the plumber told us there had been a slow leak for quite a while. It was coming from behind the tiled wall, and the water had seeped under the flooring.”

“It was horrendous. We discovered the water had even got into the cupboard under the stairs where we store our vacuum cleaner, and it had caused damage to some drawers too.”

As first-time claimants, Janet did not know what to expect.

She said: “We were very impressed. Teresa who dealt with our claim was so helpful.”

Whilst on the phone to the customer, the claim handler, Teresa Jacobs, appointed a supplier to assess the damage and agree a settlement.

Janet said: “The assessor who came out said that as they didn’t know how much water damage there was, all of the flooring would have to be removed or it may all start to crack.”

“They said it would take a few weeks to dry, and that the best part of the tiled flooring would have to be pulled up.”

“The renovation began in September and included shower flooring. It was done and completed in November.”

“We’ve never claimed before, we were pleasantly surprised. The claim covered everything, and even included the dehumidifiers as part of the drying process.”

Janet added: “The bathroom looks so nice we’ve considered offering guided tours!”

Teresa said: “I am so glad to have been able to help them get their bathroom restored swiftly and in time for the festive season.”

Whether it’s a burst pipe in the kitchen or a crack in the bathroom sink, water leaks can cause a lot of damage to a property. Ageas is on hand to support its customers and make escape of water claims as straightforward as possible.