2023 has seen a fair amount of extreme weather, and Rias is on hand to support customers who are impacted by these conditions.

Back in June 2023, a Rias policyholder returned from holiday to find their house not quite how they left it. They soon realised that their conservatory roof had suffered significant damage.

They discovered that in their absence, a thunderstorm had hit parts of the East Midlands. With Nottingham Post reporting of heavy rain, strong winds and hail, it soon became apparent that a hailstorm on 12 June had caused the holes in their conservatory roof.

The customer made a claim, and the insurer was able to use weather data to confirm that heavy rain and hailstones likely caused the damage while they were on holiday.

One of the insurer’s trusted suppliers was sent out to inspect the conservatory roof and following their visit, the customer's claim was accepted, and a payment was made to get the damage fixed.

From the initial call to the customer receiving their claims payout, it took little more than a week.

Rias is aware of the potential impact of extreme weather events on its customers, and this is a great example of its commitment to making the claims process as quick and straightforward as possible.