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Welcome to the Storm Hub for everything you need before, during or after a storm.

protecting your home from a storm

With the increase in stormy weather in the UK, we're here to help you protect your home and offer support if your home is affected.

STORM DAMAGE PREVENTION CHECKLISTIllustration of house with checklist to prevent storm damage

  1. Check exterior drains - Is rainwater flowing away?
  2. Check guttering for damage or debris - So water can flow away easily
  3. Check for cracks in brick work or render - It could allow water ingress
  4. Check for any leaks - In and around windows and doors
  5. Check the loft - For any hidden leaks
  6. Check outside drainage - Ensure areas don't breach damp course heights, e.g. patios, decking or driveway
  1. Check garden furniture - Make sure items are tied down and secure so they can't cause damage, e.g trampolines
  2. Tree safety - Check trees near your property are healthy and not likely to fall or cause damage
  3. Inspect flat roofs for damage or leaks - Flat roofs in particular have a shorter lifespan
  4. Check tiles on roof - For loose or cracked tiles or slates
  5. Check mortar on chimney - Ensure it is in good condition and not degraded
  6. Fences - check your fence panels are secure

Storm: prevent and protect

Find out what you can do before a storm - to help protect you and your home.

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Have you been affected?

If your home has been damaged by storm conditions, we understand how distressing it can be and we're here to help as best we can.


1. Check your home insurance cover view policy documents. If you bought your Ageas policy via an Insurance Broker, please contact your broker and ask to see your policy wording.
2. Gather what you need to make a claim online
3. Make a claim online, it's quick and easy
4. Need to check an existing claim? You can manage it online
5. If you'd prefer to speak to someone, you can get in touch via our virtual assistant

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Storm Isha

If you've been affected by the recent storms and need to register a storm claim, it's quick and easy online. 


By a storm, we mean strong winds of over 55mph or damage by extreme rain, snow or hail. Not sure what storm cover includes? Here's an overview of our home storm cover.

what's not covered?

What isn't covered?

  1. Hot tub covers

  2. Swimming pools

  3. Gates

  4. Fences

Please note this relates to our standard Ageas Extra Home Insurance policy. Please refer to your policy documents if your insurance is provided through a broker or third party.

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Tips for driving in bad weather

Bad weather usually means challenging driving conditions, such as heavy rain, strong winds; or ice and snow. See our driving tips; or if you've been affected, make a claim.

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Flood Protection

Visit our flood hub for tips to help protect your home - before, during or after a flood.

Frequently asked questions

We've outlined the steps that you should take if you need to check for storm damage or make a claim.
How to make a storms claim

If you need to know exactly what your home insurance covers, the quickest way is to check your policy documents. Here is a quick overview.

  • Is your property uninhabitable or unsecured?
  • Do you need to make us aware of any exceptional circumstances affecting you or someone you live with?
  • If so, then please get in touch by calling 0345 165 5753 and we'll get you to the right person as soon as possible.
  • This will depend on the cover you have. If you have buildings cover, in the event of a successful claim, any part of your building which has been damaged as a result of the extreme weather will be covered.
  • If you have contents cover, then any damaged contents will be covered.
  • Policy limits are shown in your policy documentation.
  • Fences, gates, trees and hedges are not covered in the event of storm damage under your buildings cover. Please refer to your policy booklet as some garden items may be covered under contents cover if you have that.

In many declined claims it is not the weather event which caused the damage but an existing underlying problem, which the recent weather event highlighted.

Wear and tear is a common reason as to why storm claims are declined. This is especially the case with flat roofs that are over 10 years old or old tiled roofs.

It's difficult for a weather event to damage well-maintained properties, unless it is quite extreme. For more information, please refer to the section 'What counts as storm damage?'

We understand that some customers like to stay in their own homes where possible, so we can provide facilities like temporary kitchens and bathrooms to enable you to do so. If you do have to leave the property, we will help you make those arrangements, whether this is staying with relatives or checking into suitable alternative accommodation.

For more information on alternative accommodation cover please refer to your policy documentation.

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