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Save time and register your claim online - available for car and home claims.

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  • No admin fee when you make a change online^
  • Amend cover, e.g. vehicle details, accidental damage**
  • Update personal details, e.g. address^
  • Renew your policy
  • Make payments
  • Make a claim^
  • View and download your documents

^ Not available on van insurance policies
**Only available on car or home insurance policies

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Life can bring challenges, and we understand this can look different for all our customers. We’re committed to working in a way that supports your individual needs and circumstances.

If you’re experiencing financial difficulties, are facing a challenging life event or need help with the way that we communicate with you, we’d like to help.

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No Claims Discount | Car Insurance

Have we asked for your proof of NCD? Find out how to provide it quickly and easily.

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Frequently asked questions

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to manage your insurance policy. That's why you can manage your account online 24/7 with no administration charges – meaning you can make adjustments when it suits you. If you have Ageas Car Insurance or Ageas Van Insurance, you can: 

  • Update your personal details
  • View and download your policy documents
  • Amend your policy
  • Renew your policy

If you are a home insurance customer, you can view and download your policy documents on your online account.

You'll need to fill in our short registration form. Once you've entered all your details, click 'Create My Online Account'.

Once you've successfully signed in, you'll be able to take advantage of all sorts of online services, including viewing your policy documents, uploading your No Claims Discount documents, and making changes to or renewing your policy.

If you have any other queries about your online account, please speak to us using our Virtual Assistant.

We'll get in touch with you if we need to see proof of your No Claims Discount. If we've already contacted you, you can provide your proof of No Claims Discount by uploading it in your online account. Just so you know, if we ask you for proof of your No Claims Discount, you’ll need to send it to us within 14 days of purchase, otherwise we’ll have to cancel your policy and won’t be able to restart cover for you.

What to do

Go to our No Claims Discount Help page and submit your proof using our online form.

Alternatively, you can log in to your online account and click on the ‘Your documents’ tab in the 'My Car' or 'My Van' page. Then click on ‘Add document’, add your No Claims Discount file and click ‘Upload’. Your proof will bel automatically sent to us. You will also be able to see your document in the ‘Your Uploaded Documents’ section on the Documents tab.

Once we’ve received your proof we'll then contact you to confirm it is acceptable or let you know if we need any more information.

What we accept

What we’re after as acceptable proof is either a full renewal invitation, a cancellation letter or a Proof of No Claims Discount letter from your previous insurer. Whichever option you go for, you’ll need to include:

  • A letterhead that clearly identifies your previous insurer
  • Your previous policy number
  • Your previous policy expiry date
  • Your name and full address
  • Your No Claims Discount in years

Uploads can be in a variety of formats, including Microsoft Word, PDF or a photo in the following formats: GIF, PNG, JPG, JPEG and JPE. Just make sure your document is less than 3MB.

You can access this yourself in your online account. Once you're logged in, click ‘My Car’ or 'My Van' and then in the ‘Your documents’ tab, you can open your insurance certificate and save it to your computer. You can log into your account up to 6 months after your policy has ended. If you require your No Claims Discount after this time, please contact us using our Virtual Assistant.

Check you are using the correct username and password (these may be case sensitive) use the ‘forgotten username’ and ‘forgotten password’ links to re-set these details so you can log in. 

  • You can reset your password yourself online.
  • Click the ‘forgotten password’ link on the log-in page. You need to provide your username, then this will take you to a page where you can choose how you would like to recover your password
  • If you choose to answer a security question, you’ll be asked one of the questions you set-up when creating your online account. Once answered successfully, you’ll then be asked to choose and confirm a new password
  • If you choose to be emailed a unique link, click on the button in the email and you’ll be taken to a page to choose and confirm your new password.
  • You can retrieve your username yourself online.
  • Click the ‘forgotten username’ link on the log-in page. This will take you to a page where you'll be asked to input your surname, date of birth and post code.
  • Once confirmed, this will take to a pages where you can choose how you would like to retrieve your username
  • If you choose to answer a security question, you’ll be asked one of the questions you set-up when creating your online account. Once answered successfully, you’ll then be shown your username
  • If you choose email we’ll send you an email containing your username

We want to make renewing insurance easy for our customers, so we don't offer discounted prices to people who call us. The price we've given you is our final price based on your current cover and information we hold.

To add a temporary driver you'll need to give us a call. 

Before you get in touch with us for a replacement certificate, please make sure you have at least three of the following details to hand:

  • Your policy number
  • Post code
  • The first line of your address
  • Your chosen payment method, for example direct debit or credit card
  • For car or van insurance – your registration number

Your new certificate should be with you by post within five to seven working days. Unfortunately we can’t email your replacement certificate.

You can view all your documents in your online account. Once you’re logged in head to the ‘My Car’, 'My Home' or 'My Van' page and click the ’Your documents’ tab. Here you will be able to see all your documents, to open a document just click on the view button next to it.

There’s no charge to make a change to your policy through your online account.

We want to reassure you that you’re still covered by the terms of your car or van insurance policy if you’re considering driving your vehicle outside of the UK. However, there are still some matters that have yet to be decided between the EU and UK, including access to the free circulation zone, which means that UK drivers must currently carry a Green Card when travelling outside of the UK (since 1st January 2021).

A Green Card is an International Motor Insurance Certificate which evidences that your current insurance policy provides the necessary minimum level of cover for driving in the EU country you are travelling to or through. While we await further details, it is best to carry your Green Card for all journeys to the EU or EEA. In addition to the basic cover which the Green Card gives you, your insurance policy provides you with full insurance cover for up to 90 days, unless you hold an Ageas Essentials policy. 

You can find more information on our Driving in Europe page.

Please note: Ageas Essentials policies are limited to the minimum third party cover when driving in the EU. Please see your policy documents for more information.

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

Strong Customer Authentication is a set of regulatory requirements introduced by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) which are designed to make online payments more secure for customers. SCA adds an extra layer of security when you make a payment online, offering you extra protection against identity and payment fraud.

The FCA are keen to make transacting online more secure and these changes should reduce the risk of fraud online.

The new SCA process means that the way your bank or payment services provider verifies your identity or validates a specific payment instruction is changing, when you make a purchase online of £30 or more.

SCA is a form of two-factor authentication (2FA) and uses two types of validation out of the three categories outlined below to verify your identity. Using this additional information, SCA checks that you are who you say you are, meaning you should feel confident using your card for online payments.

Two-factor authentication may already be familiar to you if you use online banking or shop online. The most common examples currently include, receiving a text message with a one-time use code, facial recognition or thumbprint id on your smart phone – both of these are an extra check to confirm it’s you making the payment.

There are three ways we can authenticate your identity, but we will only ever ask you for two at any one time, the categories are:

  • Knowledge (something only you know) – such as a password, PIN, or secret answer
  • Possession (something only you possess) – such as your phone, or smart card, or a token
  • Inherence (a unique physical attribute) – such as a fingerprint, facial recognition, or voice pattern.

You should contact your card payment provider who will be able to provide you with further assistance to get this set up.

*Standard fees for making a change over the phone are: car insurance - £25, and home insurance - £20. If you make the changes in your online account there is no admin fee.

^ Not available on van insurance policies
**Only available on car and home insurance policies