As extreme weather events continue to impact homeowners, Ageas is working hard to settle claims as quickly and efficiently as possible for its customers.

After suffering storm damage, Vicki Watson found this out first-hand when she called Ageas.

In June 2023, residents of Greater Manchester were hit by a large thunderstorm. With BBC News reporting torrential rain, flash flooding and lightning strikes, the storm caused severe disruption across Greater Manchester and Lancashire.

Like many, Vicki Watson was impacted by this extreme weather. While Vicki was at home watching television, lightning struck the telephone pole outside. The television stopped working, and Vicki soon realised her phone and broadband were no longer connected.

Upon inspection, Vicki was shocked to find the box that the broadband plugged into was completely burnt.

Vicki called her insurer, Ageas, and was able to show the damage by using a live video link which was sent to her by the call handler via text. Using this technology meant Ageas was able to assess the damage straight away and settle Vicki’s television claim within 40 minutes.

Vicki said: “I was so impressed with the lady that dealt with my claim. Friendly, professional and really efficient.”

Ageas’s use of technology is making it easier for customers to provide the necessary information for a claim and to help resolve it quickly, Vicki’s experience is evidence of this.