Molly Langdon was only two days into her long-awaited Spanish holiday when she discovered her car was one of thousands caught in a major fire at Luton Airport car park.

Luckily, her insurer Ageas Insurance Limited came to the rescue, swiftly sorting her claim and even arranging a hire car to be ready for her at the airport so she could get home easily after her holiday.

Molly, 72, recalls: “When I first heard about the fire on the news, I couldn’t believe it. I was in such a state of shock I didn’t quite know what to do at first. I went down for breakfast in the hotel in a bit of a blur.”

After calling the broker she bought her car insurance through, Molly spoke to Dan Roohi, one of Ageas’s call handlers, who explained exactly what would happen.

Dan arranged a hire car to be ready for Molly when she returned to the UK, and he swiftly organised for a payment to be made so she could buy a new car.

Molly’s policy also covered the cost of items within her car, so she received an additional payment to cover the cost of replacing them.

Molly said: “It’s never a situation you imagine yourself to be in, the fire was all over the news. But Ageas made the claims side of things so straightforward and it really was painless considering the enormity of the situation. Dan, the person I spoke to was absolutely brilliant.”

Molly was so impressed with the service she received from Dan and Ageas that she sent him a box of biscuits. And when it came to insuring her replacement car, she chose to stick with Ageas.

Dan said: “It was so unexpected to receive a gift from Molly, it was such a lovely thing for her to do. I was so glad I could help her at what must have been such a worrying time, and I really hope she still managed to enjoy her holiday.”

Ageas supported several car drivers affected by the Luton Airport car park fire. It set up a dedicated claims phone line for customers whose vehicles were caught up in the fire and covered their costs for the journey back home, regardless of which airport they arrived back at.

In times of uncertainty that events like this can cause, Ageas aims to provide support for its customers where it matters.