Ageas is working hard to support its customers impacted by extreme weather events and settle claims quickly.

When Storm Babet hit in October 2023, extensive rainfall caused flood water to enter Beryl Hulton’s garage and garden chalet.

Hulton flood 3 v3.pngWith significant damage to the flooring and her belongings, Beryl called her insurer to claim on her contents only policy.

Beryl recalls: “We didn’t realise how heavy the rain was. We kept on looking out to the garden, watching it become more and more flooded”.

“The water was lapping and coming into the porch. We phoned the fire brigade, and so did our neighbours.”

The whole back garden flooded, up to the level of Beryl’s patio. She recalls being in the dining room next to the porch thinking that any minute it would get into the main part of the house. Thankfully, the flood water eased before the main house was affected.

Hulton flood 10 v2.pngOften used for guests, the chalet in the garden had totally flooded. The water had ruined the carpet and the lower part of the wooden cabinets in both the bedroom and bathroom.

Reflecting on what happened to the garage, Beryl said: “the water in the garage reached six to eight inches”, causing significant damage to her husband’s hardware tools.

After calling Ageas on a Friday, her husband supplied photos and estimates for the cost of the tools, and the money was in their account by Tuesday.

Beryl was impressed with how Ageas handled her claim. “It was a very good service. I’ve told my friends and neighbours how quick the whole process was.”

By settling the claim quickly, Beryl was able to begin the process of replacing the tools and cabinets within days of the damage being caused.

Whether the policy is bought directly from Ageas or through a broker like Beryl, Ageas aims to provide great service to its customers where it matters.