Ageas is working hard to offer more sustainable solutions for its car insurance customers.

After suffering a minor car accident in November 2023, Janet Strang experienced first-hand the benefits of Ageas’s sustainable repair solutions.

Strang car - before Halo repairWhile moving her car on her friend’s driveway, Janet accidently hit a tree branch.

Janet said: “My friend’s drive is narrow, and I managed to get into it fine. Later in the day my friend asked me to move my car from the front of their garage, which is when I hit a tree branch.”

“It was an expensive day out at my friend’s, and I was only going about 3 mph!”

Janet contacted a local garage, who quoted her £2,000 for the work. She was surprised: “the damage didn’t look like that much, but they said they couldn’t see a way of repairing it and that they’d have to replace the whole bonnet.”

“That’s when I decided to make a claim on my car insurance policy, and it couldn’t have been easier or simpler, it was fantastic.”

Strang car - during Halo repairJanet got through to claim handler Kim Nicholls, who promptly appointed Halo, one of Ageas’s repair specialists. Janet was offered a courtesy car but declined it as she was able to use her husband’s vehicle while her car was being repaired.

From reporting the claim to getting her car back, the process took just shy of a week.

“When my car was collected it was around 8pm. The next day I had a knock at the door at 6pm, it was the same person from Halo telling me my car was ready – I was flabbergasted!”

“It was an easy experience and Kim was very helpful. Halo was also a fantastically efficient company. I was very impressed.”

As Managing Director at Halo Group, Jon Parker said: “The bonnet of the car itself was quite repairable, so made for a very straightforward repair. We had to replace the headlamp trim and wheel-arch moulding, but in all, a fast and quality repair. As we did with Mrs Strang’s car, where we can we promote the ethos of repair over replace for maximum environmental benefit.” 

Strang car - after Halo repairKim said: “I’m glad I was able to help Mrs Strang and that we could get the car repaired and returned to her so quickly. With the help of companies like Halo, it’s nice to know that we can be more sustainable.”

As a carbon neutral certified organisation (PAS 2060), Halo supports Ageas’s ethos to repair over replace as well as its commitment to the use of green car parts, which is when original manufacturer car parts are taken from one vehicle and used to fix another.

This approach reduces the use of raw materials, extends the life of existing parts, and minimises the likelihood of damaged cars being scrapped due to the cost of new parts.

As the UK’s sixth largest car insurer, Ageas is working hard to operate more sustainably while maintaining a quick and efficient service for its customers.

PAS 2060

PAS 2060 is the only recognised international standard for carbon neutrality. It sets out requirements for quantification, reduction, and offsetting of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for organisations, products, and events.

Visit the BSI website to find out more.