Serious illness support

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Serious illness support

How we can help

If you, a loved one or someone you care for has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, we know how challenging this can be with big changes and uncertainty ahead. At Ageas, we’ll do whatever we can to support you through this tough time.

We understand that coming to terms with a terminal illness diagnosis can be an incredibly difficult time. But we want you to know you’re not alone, and we’re here to help.

For further support, there are many organisations that can help – see our charities and organisations.

Please note, this page has been written to address people living with a terminal illness. However, it may also be useful for family, friends, colleagues or those close to someone who’s been diagnosed with a terminal illness.

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Where else can I get help?

If you need additional support with your health, wellbeing or finances, you don't have to face anything alone. There are numerous charities and organisations you can reach out to.