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As a leading insurer, measuring and managing risk, along with the suitability of our products and service, is integral to our success.

It’s our actuarial department’s job to carefully develop business insights and make strategic decisions that have a positive impact – for us and our customers today and in the future.

Our actuaries have the freedom to explore new ways of solving problems and improve the way our business operates. To achieve this, we’ve recently redefined our approach to reporting and made it smarter.

Instead of putting long, wordy reports together, our actuaries now focus on interpreting the data that’s produced and think about its implications. This knowledge is then used to inform our entire business clearly and precisely.

Actuarial Analyst

Our entry-level position gives you more responsibility as you gain experience and progress towards a qualification. We’ll support at every step of your studies, too.

Senior Actuarial Analyst

After gaining experience and proving you can deliver, this role gives you the freedom to apply the knowledge and skills you’ve developed to live business projects.

Qualified Actuary

Our qualified actuaries have a high level of experience and have usually worked in numerous roles. You’ll also need to be confident using your technical expertise to support our senior management team.

Experienced Actuary

Our experienced actuaries generally manage a team within the department and you’ll be responsible for making sure your team delivers on its departmental objectives.

It’s the job of our Audit team to provide independent and objective assurance that our risk management, governance and internal control processes are effective.

We do this by testing and challenging 'the way things are done' and talking with stakeholders. Plus, we conduct in-depth analysis of our data and documentation, and evaluate how our systems and controls help us to manage the risks we’re exposed to.

Our Audit team are based in numerous locations, supporting our broker, partnership and direct channels, as well as Tesco Underwriting. They add value to how we consider risk as a business and help us to complete our journey towards a ‘One Ageas’ way of working.

Internal Auditor

If you’re new to this role, we’ve got a clear and comprehensive framework to support your development towards a more senior role. As your experience and competencies develop, the range of activities and responsibility you’ll be given will increase and you’ll be supported with professional qualifications and relevant training, too.

Senior Internal Auditor

Our senior auditors are professional, experienced and qualified in their field. The role can range from a specialism within a particular area, such as IT or change, to people management. And, depending on your career aspirations and business needs, we’ll support you with your personal development, too.

We rely on our Business Intelligence and Analytics team to make sure we succeed in an increasingly competitive industry.

Our Business Intelligence department turns raw data into valuable insight that we use to bring business and market changes into sharper focus. We can then use this insight to make our entire business stronger and more versatile.

With machine learning and more sophisticated analytics tools being part of everyday life, today’s challenge is using data to understand ‘why’ something is happening and then implement strategies to maximise opportunities. This involves solving complex issues, reacting quickly to market trends and driving efficiencies throughout the business. The benefits of our strong Business Intelligence department are:


Insurance underwriters get greater visibility of policies, premiums and loss ratios.

Claims handlers:

Our teams can optimise the claims process – minimising losses and increasing customer satisfaction.

Sales managers:

We can monitor the performance of our sales agents, highlighting areas of underperformance and potential training needs.

Want to join our Business Intelligence team? We’re always looking for the brightest minds in the statistical, coding, programming, data visualisation and analysis fields.

Using BI tools such as Tableau, Qlik, SQL, Splunk and SAS, and with big data shaping how information is being stored and accessed – via Hadoop, Hydra, Apache, and Spark – there is no better place to develop and learn the skills that can make a huge impact on business.

You don’t just need to be technically savvy. The real value is your ability to interpret data and make recommendations to the business that drive our strategy. Communication, business engagement, commercial awareness and the ability to present information to a variety of audiences are key, too.

Our team are responsible for transforming how we work, by shaping and leading change and development across our UK business. As a passionate team of programme, change and project managers, supported by expert business and programme analysts, we’re responsible for implementing changes and safely guiding us through our phases of evolution.

It could be organisational structure, governance or our office locations that needs addressing. We bring professionals together to work collaboratively across the business and make sure we deliver solutions that meet – and exceed – our customer expectations.

Ready to influence the future of Ageas? Join our team and you can look forward to working with enthusiastic individuals who aren’t afraid to try new things, to do things differently and make change happen.

Whether it’s supporting a customer with a claim, project managing a process change, or discussing development plans with a manager, our Claims team are given trust, respect and the opportunity to develop.

In 2016, we were awarded the Insurance Times Award for Claims Initiative of the Year and the Gold Standard for Insurance for the ninth year running. The Institute of Customer Service declared our claims service to be ‘world class’.

As part of our Claims team, you’ll make things happen and our customers are at the heart of everything you do. No two claims are the same and no two customers are the same. That's why we developed the ‘Ageas Claims Way’. We’re here to help our customers every step of the way and get things back to normal for them, so it’s a quick, easy and stress-free process.

To thrive in our Claims team, you need to be a creative problem solver and an empathetic listener, as well as having a natural curiosity and drive to do the best for our customers. Every day, you’ll be making a real difference to individuals and families.

We have around 1,000 people in our teams, based at our Eastleigh, Portsmouth and Gloucester offices, and our roles vary. In motor claims, you could be setting up new claims and liaising with our garage network to get customers’ cars back on the road. While in household, you may find yourself sorting out emergency accommodation and money to families whose houses have been flooded. In travel, you could be helping people who suffer illness or an injury while they’re on holiday. And our commercial claims staff deal with businesses that are experiencing problems.

Most of our team start in a claims service role, but there are plenty of opportunities to develop your interests, experience, knowledge and career:

  • Leadership
  • Complex claims
  • Claims process design
  • Supplier management and relationships
  • Fraud and intelligence
  • Engineering and salvage
  • International assistance
  • Researching the future of claims technologies

Whatever your role is, you’ll be given the opportunity to strengthen our reputation for being a company that cares for its customers and constantly innovate. Plus, we want you to bring your own skills and ideas to help us keep improving the way we help our customers in their hour of need.

Our Communications team positively promote and protect our reputation across internal, external and corporate communications, media relations, public affairs, broker marketing, and events. Communications take a leading role in how we interact with our customers, the industry, the media, investors, key stakeholders and our communities, as well as Ageas Group’s Communication department in Brussels. Our creative, innovative and integrated communications also help to build a closer connection with our audiences, creating a more personalised experience.

Curiosity and creativity are crucial. Whether it’s print, social media, online, on the news or via a live event, you’ll be a story teller. You’ll bring interesting stories from around the business to life and transform them into exciting and engaging content using a variety of tools.

We’re a fast-paced team, so you’ll often need to manage a series of strict deadlines simultaneously. You’ll need to be an expert communicator, too, with an eye for detail, an aptitude for analytics with the ability to assess and interpret data, and skilled in stakeholder management. The communications world is constantly evolving, so you’ll be given the opportunity to develop your skills, plus we’ll support you with qualifications and training.

We’re responsible for all of Ageas’s communication activities including:

  • Strategic counsel to the Executive team for all external and internal communications, social media and press activity and speaking engagements
  • Media relations management, including managing press enquiries, our media agenda, press releases, media interviews, industry surveys and thought leadership
  • Brand management, sponsorship and corporate advertising
  • Public affairs and stakeholder management, including the government, MPs, civil servants and trade bodies
  • Events management
  • Broker marketing management and content marketing delivery
  • Design and print production of Ageas communication and product materials
  • Social media and digital communication development
  • Corporate communications and award submissions
  • Internal communications

As part of our Compliance team, you’ll be skilled in data protection, consumer credit, Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulation and handling other legislation that affects the insurance industry. This ensures any risks that are encountered are fully understood and managed effectively across our business – and this ultimately benefits our customers.

We’re a fast-paced and dynamic department. Our success relies on our strong communication skills, to both internal and external stakeholders at all levels.

As an effective Compliance department, we keep our business up to speed with all the latest legislative and regulatory developments that can affect the insurance industry. This helps us to adapt to regulatory change under the FCA, and to make sure we can support the ever-changing needs of our business.

Delivering excellent customer service is at the heart of our business. And going the extra mile to give our customers the service they deserve is second nature to us. Our team have great listening and communication skills and are passionate about doing the right thing.

With so many products and services to offer, it takes a variety of talented people to contribute to our shared success. As part of the team, you’ll build crucial relationships with our customers, dealing with different queries and requests. Your role will change daily, so you’ll be constantly engaged and challenged.

We know that people who enjoy what they do, do it better. That’s why we’ve created a working environment and atmosphere that’s friendly, sociable and supportive. Everyone works hard – but we enjoy ourselves along the way, too. That’s crucial.

We believe we go above and beyond to look after the talented people who work with us and help to make our business successful. You’ll also have the opportunity to extend your knowledge and we’ll make sure you’re fully supported as you progress your career.

It’s our Finance team’s job to help our business deliver on the numbers front, and keep us protected from any financial shock. And when these numbers include gross written premiums, customer premiums and shareholders and profit, there’s a lot to consider.

But Finance is about so much more than numbers. Our team use their skills and expertise to partner all our business channels and deliver in four key disciplines to make sure we effectively serve our customers and business strategy:

Financial Performance:

A team of business partners that work with each channel and the support functions, to analyse and optimise the financial performance of our business.

Finance Operations:

A large and diverse team delivering and supporting all aspects of financial reporting, processing and control.


A team of specialists managing tax planning and compliance.

Capital, Treasury & Investments:

A specialist team managing statutory, regulatory and rating agency capital, investment holdings, liquidity and cash flow.

Year-on-year, we continue to deliver a strong and profitable performance, which is testament to the hard work of our Finance team. Our finance and accounting services enable our business to deliver products and services to the market.

Your career in Finance can start with a good qualification in mathematics and can lead to a role in one of our accounts teams, who process payments and policies for some 5.5million customers. After that, you can work towards becoming a qualified accountant and move into a specialist role.

Come on board and develop your career in Finance with us. You’ll be able to shape and maximise your performance by getting involved with all functions of our business and get a great understanding of our UK activities in the insurance industry.

We play a leading role in attracting future talent, keeping our existing talent and developing and recognising our employees. Being able to provide consistent and efficient HR and development (HRD) services is key to our business areas’ success. Our four core business areas are:

HRD Client Services:

A central team supporting HRD policy, process, projects, reward and systems development.

HRD Business Operations:

A large team focussing on customer-facing HR and learning and development (L&D) functions across various Ageas locations. This team also delivers HRD business partnering and operational HRD services.

People Change & Engagement:

Partnering with senior managers and stakeholders, this team drives strategy and the delivery of activities related to culture, engagement and the implementation of people-related change.

Talent and Development:

A team delivering strategic initiatives in the acquisition of talent and the delivery of all activities relating to training and developing employees.

Join our Talent and Development team, and you’ll be helping to support around 4,000 employees across nine UK locations, leading and motivating our people to help us achieve our ambitions. Your growth and development will be supported at every step, with the opportunity to talk about your career aspirations and potential opportunities.

Whether you join us as a graduate, apprentice or in an experience role, you’ll be key in helping us to achieve our objectives. You’ll do this by building partnerships with our business leaders and teams to make sure our people are engaged and rewarded.

We also have in-house development courses and partner with some of the best suppliers in the business to deliver graduate and leadership programmes, courses promoting diverse specialisms, and technical experts.

With an online, mobile workforce of over 4,000 people and a customer base that totals millions, our IT department has to be at the forefront of digital innovation. The digital side of our team focuses on four key areas:

Social: As a digital business, it’s crucial we can interact with our customers and in real time, as well as making sure our customers can talk with us easily. That’s why our IT department is made up of people who understand the technology needed to make us a socially-agile business and how to make this work for our customers. 

Mobile: Mobile devices are a big part of our lives and have transformed how we communicate, work and buy products. So we’re always looking at ways to make our digital services as engaging and user-friendly as possible, and by making sure our UX support is fit for purpose.

Analytics and big data: It’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to move away from just using data to predict what is going to happen. That’s way we develop systems that collect and store our data, and implement the tools that allow our business to turn the data into strategic plans.

Cloud: Cloud computing has given companies like us the ability to store, manage, and process data more efficiently on the internet, rather than on local servers or personal computers. Our team make sure our business has access to all this data, so it can be used as and when it’s required and without compromising network security.

Our team has four responsibilities:

  • Electronic business
  • Helpdesk services
  • Networking
  • Software development

With big innovations happening in insurance, there’s an increasing need to maximise trends and patterns in consumer data, and be reactive in real time. We’re at the cutting edge of these innovations in areas such as Insurer Hosted Pricing (IHP) and Big Data.

With faster communication, an increased online trading presence, higher needs for data storage and the protection of private data, our IT department is constantly learning and innovating to keep up with the demands of the business, our customers and our competitors.

Our Strategy and Planning team is responsible for planning, devising and tracking strategic activity across Ageas UK. We breakdown our responsibilities into three categories:

  • Discovery
  • Development
  • Delivery

This includes our Research and Development and Strategy Delivery teams. Our R&D team provides market, consumer and economic insight and analysis, as well as looking forward to identify and understand emerging trends. While our Strategic Delivery team focus on the prioritisation, scheduling and delivery of key strategic change across the business.

Research and Development

Our Research and Development (R&D) function is divided into two teams – Research and Insights and Strategy Analyst.

What do we do?

Our R&D team monitor customer and competitor activity, including macro-environmental factors. This could be technological and social factors, which could have an impact on the long term competitiveness of our business. It’s a process that’s implemented by research and insights, horizon scanning and scenario planning.

Research and Insights

Our research and insights team focus on generating knowledge and understanding on relevant topics, through primary and secondary research activities, helping us to support our strategic planning process.

Strategy Analyst team

Our Strategy analyst team is responsible for understanding and conducting in-depth reviews on trends covering consumers, competitors and environmental factors, which could potentially have an impact on our competitiveness in 5 to 10 years’ time.

What we do
  • Provide customer and competitor analysis and insight
  • Provide environmental analysis through regular external facing reports
  • Manage primary research, including qualitative and quantitative, online and offline
  • Provide access to industry reports and insights, for example eBenchmarkers
  • Consumer-research led market reports, for example GfK, YouGov, Mintel
  • Consumer behaviour analysis, for example ICS
  • Market reviews and analysis, such as Ernst & Young, Deloitte, CBI, ABI
  • Provide insight and intelligence in to emerging trends and potential disruptors
  • Track and engage with new start up organisations – fintech and insurtech
  • Create future-based scenarios to aid strategic planning

Much of our strength comes from our third-party relationships. Whether we’re working with brokers and other distribution partners, or IT suppliers or reinsurers, it’s vital these relationships are sustainable and deliver the right outcomes for all parties.

Our UK Legal team play a leading role in nurturing our third-party relationships, by providing support during the negotiation, execution and continuing management processes.

As a large financial services company, we must operate in accordance with complex laws and regulations. Our UK Legal team help to make sure business decisions are made with a full understanding of the relevant legal context, often working with subject matter experts across our business and specialist external advisers.

Our team is made up of lawyers, paralegals and support staff, based in our Eastleigh and London offices. Join our team, and you’ll be helping to support the execution of our strategy, through a varied and challenging workload, in a supportive and friendly environment.

We’re rapidly moving to a ‘digital-first’ ethos in line with current market environments and are working across a broad mix of digital media including programmatic, social media and email.

The marketing function is made up 6 key areas:

  • Knowledge Management – enables the business to have a single view of our multi-brand customer base. The team is responsible for using data to identify prospects for campaigns, understand behaviour and report performance. The team also provides customer insight, business analytics and customer research to optimise campaigns so they deliver sales and profit targets.
  • Ecommerce – Responsible for the end to end online customer journey, including managing onsite performance through web analytics and optimisation, delivering an online change programme across multiple platforms and championing the online customer experience.
  • Innovation - Uses our in-house innovation process to step outside the box and think differently about solving all kinds of consumer problems. They use a variety of tools, techniques and research methods to create exciting new, and relevant, solutions for the business with our customers at heart.
  • Aggregators – responsible for the commercial performance of the aggregator channel, management of relationships and driving key aggregator initiatives forward.
  • Customer Acquisition & Digital Management – responsible for creating innovative and compelling propositions, as well as attracting and acquiring customers through a range of channels embracing new technologies and trends.
  • Customer Management & Fulfilment – responsible for the management of customer communications and generating value and brand advocacy through post-sale campaigning.

Our Broker channel is a profitable and growing part of our portfolio. So to succeed, we need to develop strong, trustworthy and sustainable relationships with our 2,400 brokers. Our Sales, Distribution & Development department use their expert knowledge in the insurance industry to work with brokers and achieve key growth targets in the UK.

Through our four distribution teams and a Broker Sales support team, we support brokers across every aspect of their trading relationship us, so we can grow a mutually profitable business together.

Our four Distribution teams are:

  • Personal Key Accounts – volume brokers that specialise in car, home and van
  • Commercial Key Accounts – large multinational brokers with multiple routes to market
  • Niche and Schemes – specialist brokers working within specific segments
  • Regional Broker – large volumes of high street brokers across the UK

Given how quickly the insurance industry can change, our supporting role is fast-paced, dynamic, and requires collaborative working. This enables us to balance the needs of our brokers and customers, alongside our core business strategies, including Underwriting, Claims, and Marketing and Communications.

By bringing our internal and external stakeholders together, keeping up to speed with the latest market trends, and monitoring performance, we keep our working relationships with brokers on track and focussed to achieve joint success.

From making business development calls to networking with key brokers, our account executives have a comprehensive knowledge of Ageas’s products. We’re proud we understand our brokers’ needs, while recognising our clients’ needs at the same time. This allows us to highlight the right products, to the right brokers, at the right time.

Our Pricing and Underwriting department is key to the success of our business. They’re one of the insurance industry’s most respected and influential teams, who offer invaluable advice to support our pricing strategy.

But Pricing and Underwriting is about more than just numbers. An effective Pricing function needs a broad understanding of fraud, solvency, product profitability and development, profit reporting, risk management and governance.

People who join our team generally have operational experience in either claims handling or sales and service roles where they developed a good understanding of how insurance premiums are constructed. A Chartered Institute of Insurance (CII) qualification is also helpful to develop technical expertise– making sure customer policies are risk-free – and in managing financial loss when you’re dealing with claims.

We never take our current success, or potential future growth, for granted. With a focus on continuous improvement and innovation, we scrutinise how we work, how we report and how we price our products and services. This enables us to deliver the best possible results and value for our customers.

You can see more of what our people think about working for us in this short video.

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