What to expect

Our recruitment process is designed to get the best out of you and to be fair to everyone. We believe it’s a two-way process – making the right career choice is important to you and we want to make sure you’re the right fit, too. Here’s an outline of our process and the kind of things you can expect.

The application process should take about five to ten minutes. We’ll ask you to upload your CV and you can add a covering letter if you wish. Once we’ve received your application, someone in our recruitment team will review your CV, skills and experience and get in touch with you. We’ll always contact you to let you know the outcome of your application. 

If we’d like to progress your application, the next steps will depend on the type of role you’ve applied for. We might schedule a telephone interview, a face-to-face interview or an assessment centre.

Telephone interviews – we’ll arrange a convenient time to talk to you, so we can find out more about you and your experience. It’s also a chance to talk to you about our company and the role in more detail and answer any questions you may have.

Face-to-face interviews – these are very much two-way meetings. We want to find out about you and if you’re the right person for the role, and give you the opportunity to find out about us and whether the role will give you the challenge and career satisfaction you’re looking for.

Assessment centres – these include an interview, as well as some other activities where you can demonstrate your skills. The exercises will be tailored to the role you’ve applied for and we’ll let you know what they are before you come in.

Depending on the position you’ve applied for, we may also ask you to complete online ability assessments. These vary depending on the nature of the role and they help us to find out more about you and how you compare to others who’ve applied for the same position.

Whichever route you take, our aim is always to get back to you as quickly as possible, so we keep you up to speed with your application.

  • Find out more about us. A good starting point is to look at our website and find out about things like our products and services, the number of people we employ, our business areas and financial information. Look for up-to-date news, too.
  • Our interviews are a mix of competency, technical and behavioural-based question, so prepare your answers with this in mind.
  • Think about your skills, qualifications and experience and the value you can bring to our business. Talk confidently about areas that are relevant and valuable to the role you’re going for.
  • Think about the key objectives of the position. Why does this position exist and what are the key aims?
  • Think about achievements you can talk about at the interview and rehearse your success stories.
  • Work out what’s appropriate in terms of everything you present, including yourself. Look the part and you’ll feel it.
  • Make sure you know the names of the people who will be interviewing you and their role. You may be able to find out more about them on LinkedIn.
  • Plan your journey to make sure you arrive a few minutes early. Allow for possible travel delays and make sure you have your contact’s telephone number in case you’re held up.

You’ll be asked to bring along proof of ID and your address when you come in for your interview. Here's a list of what you can share:

  • Either a valid passport or full birth certificate, with a photo driving license
  • Proof of your address, dated within the last six months. Any one of these is suitable:
  • Utility bill
  • Catalogue bill
  • Phone bill
  • Bank statement
  • National Insurance number
  • NI card, payslip or tax document

We’ll confirm the outcome of your interview within a few days of you coming in to see us, or let you know when a decision will be made. Regardless of the outcome, you’ll always hear from us. If you’re successful, we’ll talk you through the offer and let you know what happens next.

Because we have a duty of care to our customers and we’re regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), we need to ensure we’ve verified your identity and you’re eligible to work in the UK. We ask you to provide proof of ID and your address to carry out pre-employment checks including obtaining employment references, a Disclosure and Barring Service check (formally known as a Criminal Record Bureau check), and a financial record check.

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