Pricing and Underwriting

Underwriting and Pricing is not just about numbers.

The Pricing and Underwriting department at Ageas is key to the success of our business and features one of the insurance industry’s most respected and influential teams. It innovates daily and offers invaluable advice to support our pricing strategy.

But Pricing and Underwriting is about more than just numbers. An effective Pricing function requires a broad understanding of fraud, solvency, product profitability and development, profit reporting, risk management and governance.

People often join our Underwriting team from other areas of the business and generally have operational experience in either claims handling or sales and service roles where they develop a good understanding of how insurance premiums are constructed. 

A CII qualification is often helpful in developing technical expertise – ensuring customer policies are risk-free – and in managing financial loss when dealing with claims.

Ageas is a business that doesn’t take its current success, or potential future growth, for granted. With a focus on continuous improvement, we scrutinise how we work, how we report and how we price our products and services. This enables us to deliver the best possible results and value for our customers.

For more information about Pricing and Underwriting careers at Ageas, please get in touch.