Here at Ageas, we’re always clear on our purpose – ‘making life easier for all our customers by making insurance personal’. We call this ‘The Ageas Way’. An award-winning approach, it helps us understand and focus on each part of the customer journey, from getting a quote for a new policy, renewing or making changes to making a claim. We believe our people are the best, so we make sure they have the skills, knowledge and tools to make decisions and deliver the right outcome for each individual customer. Here’s how our principles and purpose fit into our ambition:

Focusing on insurance

It’s our job to help our retail and business customers manage, anticipate and insure any risks. To do this to the highest standard we can, we’re constantly investing in our core insurance skills. These include pricing and segmenting risk, underwriting, sales and service, IT, asset management, learning and development and marketing. Plus, we’re always looking to develop new skills that will benefit our customers and partners in Europe and Asia.

Focusing on partnerships

Partnerships are part of our DNA. We’re always in it for the long-term, bringing the expertise of both parties together to benefit our customers. Top, UK distribution partners are the cornerstone of our strategy, giving us a head start in accessing new markets and customer groups. Plus, we also look for partnerships outside of our industry, such as technology. That way, we can give our knowledge and skills a boost, which helps our customers.

Our Europe and Asia markets

When it comes to growing and developed markets in Europe and Asia, we like to keep things diverse. Whether we explore new opportunities alone, or in a partnership – we want to be a major player in the markets we’re active in.

Omni-channel comms

We tailor our distribution to the local demands of our customers and create a seamless, integrated and consistent customer experience at every touchpoint. That way, our customers can choose what, where, when and how they interact with us. We’re continually working to improve our distribution mix too, investing in new channels to keep up to speed with advances in technology.

Our portfolio of products

We like to keep our portfolio of products diverse and well-balanced. This means we can offer our customers the type of insurance they want and make a difference. We’re continuing to grow our non-life and core products with as much built-in flexibility as possible, so we can offer our customers tailor-made solutions. Getting the right balance between our life and non-life products with a 60/40 split, means we’re on an upward path for growth.

Close to our customers

Understanding what our customers want is at our core, and we’re always investing in new ways to get to know them better. The closer we are to our customers, the greater their loyalty and brand awareness will be.

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