Even if you take pride in keeping your home spick and span, it can be easy to overlook some areas, which are often hidden in plain sight. 

Here’s how to tackle some common spots in your home that may be easy to miss in your weekly clean.

Doorknobs, handles, and light switches

Handles, doorknobs and light switches are easy to overlook, even though you and your family may touch them countless times a day.

Most doorknobs and handles can be cleaned with soapy water and a soft cloth. Switches require more care as they’re connected to the electricity - don’t use a wet cloth, but wipe them over with a dry cloth once a week instead.

Machine door seals

Once in a while, when loading up the washing machine, you might notice that the seal is in need of a wash.

Washing machine manufacturer Bosch says you should simply use a soft, damp cloth to wipe the seal thoroughly [1]. You should avoid using abrasive or aggressive cleaners as these may degrade the rubber seal over time, Bosch adds.

Also, remember to give your dishwasher and fridge seals a clean regularly, too. 


Like doorknobs, wooden stair banisters get touched many times every day. But how often do you clean them? It needn’t be complicated - just dust them or give them a wipe off as part of your cleaning routine. 

If your bannister is sticky and grimy, you could try cleaning it with a homemade mixture comprising of two parts water to one part white vinegar. After applying your cleaning liquid, give it a minute or so before wiping it clean with a soft cloth. 

Remote controls and keyboards

Dust, crumbs and other grime can linger in remote controls and keyboards.

To clean your remote control, remove the batteries and then use a disinfectant wipe or cloth. You can use a cotton wool bud or toothpick to target any debris or crumbs that are harder to reach.

To clean keyboards, computer company Intel suggests turning off your computer and then using the narrow dust attachment on your vacuum, coupled with some canned air (if you can get some) to blow debris away [2]. You can gently use screen wipes for stubborn grime and cotton swabs between the keys.

Skirting boards

These are quick and easy to clean. Give them a regular wipe with a wet cloth and job done.

Bathmat and shower curtain

A survey conducted last year by The Big Bathroom Shop found that 10% of people only clean their bathmat once a month [3]. But as bathmats are often left wet, they can harbour some hidden germs. So, don’t forget to pop your mat in the washing machine along with your towels – you may also be surprised to learn that it’s recommended that towels are washed after just three uses [4].

Shower curtains also tend to stay wet for long periods of time. Follow the instructions for your specific curtain: some shower curtains can go in the washing machine, while others may just need a scrub in warm water.


Cleaning your bins is a job that you might tend to put off.

But it’s important to clean your bins regularly to kill off any germs and reduce any  unpleasant smells. You can use an anti-bacterial cleaner, disinfectant or bicarbonate of soda.

Kitchen extractor fan

Thankfully, many cooker hoods or extractor fans have aluminium plates that are spring-loaded and can be removed for cleaning. Consumer group Which? suggests that, if there’s only a light build-up of grease, you can wash the filter in the sink using hot water and washing-up liquid. If it needs a deeper clean, you can put it in the dishwasher [5]

The gaps behind open doors

That narrow triangle behind an open door is easy to miss when you hoover your home. Be sure to close the door while cleaning so you can reach the dirt or dust that may be hidden behind it.

Once you’ve gone through these simple cleaning jobs, it’s time to relax and enjoy your home.

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