It’s little wonder that kids often get bored, fractious and downright naughty on car journeys: they’re restrained in the same place for a long time, with few distractions and lacking attention.

As well as driving you crazy, when children are noisy and argumentative on car journeys, it can also be a dangerous distraction. It’s hard to focus on driving safely when you’re telling your child to stop kicking their sibling or answering, ‘are we there yet?’ for the umpteenth time.

Carguments - Driving is not always easy

Two girls stalling a car while parking

Like most situations with children, though, a little planning and imagination goes a long way. If you take the time to prepare for a long journey, then you can make everyone’s lives easier: the journey will be more enjoyable (or at least bearable) for the children, and you’ll be able to concentrate on driving safely to your destination. In other words, no more Carguments!

Laverne’s top tips

Laverne Antrobus, child psychologist, television presenter and author, says the key is preparation.

No more Carguments

Read Laverne Antrobus's top tips for happy, safe driving with kids.

The child behaviour guru, who appeared on The Secret Life of 5-Year Olds, has provided her tips in the guide above to help you plan ahead for a happy journey as well as prevent and defuse any arguments that arise.

And remember, as Laverne emphasises in her final tip, when you’ve cracked it and your kids are well behaved on a car journey, heap on the praise. You’ll be able to give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back, too.

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