Richard Old, 71, bought his first new Triumph Dolomite in 1977, a practical choice at the time when his wife was pregnant.

This was soon followed by another Dolomite, this time second-hand, for his wife and two more for his daughters when they learned to drive. 

They continued with four of the cars, now classics, until April this year, when their number was reduced by an accident on his driveway. 

A friend, intending to put her foot on the brake of her automatic car, accidentally pressed down on the accelerator instead. This meant her car collided with one of the Dolomites in the driveway and then went into Richard’s garage, damaging both the door and another of the classic motors parked inside.

Richard contacted his classic car insurance broker, who put him in touch with his insurer Ageas. The result was that the Triumph in the garage could be repaired, while the other had to be written off.

The former Ministry of Defence engineer, now retired, was impressed with how efficiently Ageas dealt with his claim and paid him.

“I was amazed how quickly it all happened. I am just so glad my classic car insurance is with Ageas,” he says.

By contrast, he wasn’t so lucky with the garage door, which was insured by a different company. “If I had not been retired I do not know how I would have been able to deal with the other insurance company due to the number of hours that they have forced me to spend getting in contact with them,” he says.

Silver lining

What started as a practical choice, has now become a keen interest, and Richard is wasting no time seeking out a replacement for the Dolomite that was written off.

He also takes a positive note from the incident, which has given him even more spare parts for his Dolomite and the opportunity to search for a new member of the family. Looking on the bright side, he says, “this means that myself and my Son-In-Law, who is also a Dolomite owner, have a new mission to find our replacement car – and we’ll enjoy looking and meeting like-minded owners.”

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