When Sue, a retired mental health nurse, was involved in a road accident on her way back from her weekly shop, she acted quickly.

Within minutes of colliding with a taxi in Sutton-in-Ashfield, she had called her insurer, Ageas. Sue recalls that even the police on scene were surprised by how quickly she was in touch with the claims service. 

Thankfully, she says the response from the insurer was also reassuringly speedy and efficient. And even though Sue was at fault for the incident, “I can’t praise them highly enough”, she says, “the service was exemplary”. 

Sue describes the accident. “We hit with force”, she says. “The wheel came off on the passenger side and the radiator was damaged. I had cuts to my feet, cracked ribs and bruising.” 

The insurance claims handler was quick to ask Sue if she was okay, she says. Ageas arranged for a taxi home for Sue and for her damaged car to be recovered from the road. The next day, Ageas called her back and, over the phone, quickly arranged a payment to replace her car, which sadly had been written off.  

To get Sue back on the road as quickly as possible, the money was transferred to her that day. “My advice to people is to insure themselves with Ageas”, she says.

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