At some point between being jolted awake by your alarm and stepping out your front door, you glance at your phone to check the weather.

Some days, you’ll see a cloud and you’ll know it’s going to be cloudy. Other days, you’ll see a sun and you’ll know it’ll be sunny. More often you’ll see a dark cloud with raindrops and you’ll remember you live in Britain.

Occasionally, you’ll see a symbol you don’t recognise, so what do these runes predict for your day? 

Well, the cloud with the two horizontal lines under it means it’s going to be foggy. If you drive to work, then allow more time for your journey, use fog lights when appropriate and pay extra attention on the road.

If you see a wavy, inverted pyramid it means there’s going to be a tornado. We’d recommend listening out for advice from the emergency services and not driving. You’re not in Kennington any more. 

A full list of iPhone weather symbols can be viewed here on the Apple website. It’s worth taking a look and making sure you understand what the different symbols mean. The weather can disrupt your commute and make driving much more hazardous. Knowing what conditions will be like is the first step to being prepared.