Ageas UK becomes a front-runner in applying deep learning from a study of historical weather events.

In response to the increase in extreme weather events, Ageas is the first Personal Lines insurer to incorporate WeatherNet’s SurgeCast application with the precise geographical location of its policyholders. With this cutting-edge capability, Ageas can identify and support customers that are most at risk of inbound extreme weather.

Ageas Claims Director Stephen Linklater said: “We understand that climate change and increasingly unpredictable weather patterns are affecting our customers.

“With a focus on our technical capabilities, we are finding innovative ways to better protect our customers and help minimise the impact and disruption that these extreme weather events can cause. Not only does SurgeCast enable us to prepare our most at risk customers through timely advice and support, but we can also ensure we have the consultants and suppliers ready to respond.

“Climate modelling is a rapidly developing science, and we will continue to work with industry experts like WeatherNet to help us develop and apply our services.”

Stephen Roberts, Managing Director at WeatherNet, said: “SurgeCast delivers Ageas bespoke weather forecasts for the postcodes of its policyholders, up to 16 days ahead, refreshed four times every day.

“Ageas is the first to apply deep learning from a detailed study of historical severe weather events to predict the impact of forecast ones.

“The insight SurgeCast offers enables Ageas and its customers to be more prepared in advance of extreme weather events, and we are pleased our technology is part of the solution helping keep policyholders safe.” 

As part of the ongoing partnership with WeatherNet, Ageas will regularly update its risk view as climate models evolve and more data becomes available.