Replacement vehicle cover

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Replacement vehicle cover

Add Replacement vehicle cover for only £21.25 a year.

What is Replacement Vehicle cover?

Replacement Vehicle cover is optional cover providing security and peace of mind, that you won’t have to go without a car if yours is ever stolen or damaged and isn’t repairable.

Although your car insurance policy provides a courtesy car, that is only while it is being repaired by an approved repairer.  If your car is not being repaired - either because it is a write off or because it's been stolen, then a hire car is not provided under your car insurance policy.

We rely so much on our cars, that it can leave you in a stressful situation if you are left with no car, for example, if you have family to support or live in a hard-to-reach place.

What’s covered

  • Use of a hire car for up to 14 days when your car is immobilised due to;
      • An 'at fault' accident
      • Attempted theft or theft damage
      • Fire, vandalism or malicious damage
  • The hire car provided will be of a similar engine size to your own (up to a maximum of 1600cc)
  • Up to two claims can be made each year
  • Policy holder and 2 named persons with a full driving licence who are authorised under the motor insurance policy to drive the vehicle

What’s not covered

  • Any claim reported more than 14 days after the incident which caused your vehicle to be written off or immobilised
  • If your motor insurer does not accept a claim for your vehicle under your car insurance policy
  • A hire vehicle will not be provided to any driver who has held a licence for less than 12 months.

A few things to know:

  • The replacement vehicle hire will end as soon as your vehicle is recovered or replaced, or seven days after a settlement payment is made, whichever is earlier
  • Claims must be reported within five days of your car being declared a write-off
  • In the unlikely event the hire company is unable to provide a replacement vehicle then we will provide a one off payment of £340
  • The actual make and model of the replacement car will be provided by the hire car company. If you are under 25 years of age there may be limitations on the type of vehicle the hire company can provide you with.

For full terms and exclusions of our Replacement Vehicle cover, please read our policy booklet and policy information document, IPID.

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Frequently asked questions

Replacement vehicle cover, which is sometimes referred to as replacement vehicle insurance, offers you the possibility of getting a hire car for a set period of time that's determined by your insurer if your vehicle is being repaired, written off or stolen and unrecovered after an accident. It can be offered as an add-on to your car insurance policy or as a separate insurance policy.

It’s worth noting that replacement vehicle cover is usually separate to the courtesy car cover offered as standard in most comprehensive car insurance policies. Courtesy car cover is usually offered while the vehicle is being repaired by the insurer’s approved repairer, while replacement vehicle cover is often optional, provided at an extra cost, and also covers vehicles that are written off or stolen and unrecovered.

The length of time you can have a replacement vehicle for if your car is written off, stolen or immobilised following an accident that wasn’t your fault will depend on the terms set out by your insurer. You should always read your policy documents carefully before you take out your cover. Some insurers, such as Ageas, offer a replacement vehicle for up to 14 days.