Since starting production more than 25 years ago, the timeless Renault Mégane has taken on many forms, including three and five door hatchback, coupé, convertible, estate and saloon variants at some stage in its lifetime.*

Now into its fourth generation, this stylish small family car is as relevant as ever.**

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Things to know about the Renault Mégane

  • The latest edition of the Renault Mégane went on sale in 2016, and is available in the UK market as a five door estate or five door hatchback.^
  • This version is lower and larger than earlier inceptions, with technology including five ‘driving modes’ that the driver can move between to alter set-up and handling.^^
  • A specialist, high performance version of the Mégane is available, badged as the Mégane GT and coming with 1.6 litre l4 petrol and diesel powertrains.†
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Fun fact

Back in 2002, the Renault Mégane became the first car in its class to hit a five star Euro NCAP crash-test rating.††

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Find comprehensive cover

At Ageas, we have insured many Renault drivers to drive on the roads of the UK.

All of our policies offer you comprehensive cover and you can make your policy go further through optional extras like legal expenses cover and key protection cover. And, when you need us, we’ll be there to allow you to make a claim 24/7.

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Tax bands and insurance groups for the Renault Mégane

When settling on a fair price for your car cover, insurance providers consider a variety of information about you and the car you drive. One factor that they may choose to consider is the insurance group of your car. This is a banding system that runs from 1-50, reflecting the costs and risks associated with each model of vehicle, which are then sorted into lower or higher groupings accordingly.

You’ll also want to be aware of the banding system used to calculate your first years’ road tax, also known as Vehicle Excise Duty. This is charged according to the observed CO2 emissions of your car’s model, with the most polluting vehicles being charged higher fees.

Tax bandings and insurance groups for some favourite Renault Mégane models include:

Model Insurance Group Tax Band
Renault Mégane Estate Play Blue dCi 1.5l Manual 114bhp 17 F
Renault Mégane Hatchback Play Blue dCi 1.5 EDC 114bhp 18 E
Renault Mégane Estate Iconic Blue dCi 1.5l EDC 114bhp 19 E
Renault Mégane Hatchback Iconic Blue dCi 1.5l EDC 114bhp 19 E
Renault Mégane Estate Iconic TCe 1.3l EDC 138bhp 20 G
Renault Mégane Hatchback Play TCe 1.3l Manual 138bhp 20 G
Renault Mégane Estate RS Line TCe 1.3l Manual 138bhp 21 G
Renault Mégane Hatchback Sport 300 TCe 1.8l EDC 296bhp 37 G


At Ageas, we aim to provide our car insurance to as many drivers as possible. But we’re not able to offer insurance to every customer and every car, and this may include some editions of the Renault Mégane.

We will determine if we can provide you with a quote based on a number of factors that include your car and your personal circumstances.