It is estimated that around 5.2 million properties in England alone are currently at risk of flooding[1]. That’s one in six properties.

And it looks inevitable that the risk of flooding will only increase as climate change causes sea levels to rise and rainstorms become increasingly severe and frequent.

So now more than ever, help is needed for people across the UK to protect their homes and families from the potentially devastating damage caused by floods.

This is especially the case for those particularly vulnerable homes that are hit again and again by damaging floods. In such cases, repairing the flood damage doesn’t go far enough and it’s now essential to take action to try and protect these homes as much as possible.

A new scheme, called Build Back Better, is designed to do just that. It offers eligible homeowners the chance to have flood resilience measures installed by their insurer if their home is damaged by flooding. So, instead of just fixing the damage, the insurer will help to fund and install measures which can reduce the impact should the worst happen again.

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Build Back Better

Find out more about our Build Back Better scheme and how to combat the risks of flooding.

These measures could include installing flood barriers, moving plug sockets higher up walls so they’re less likely to be submerged by flood water, or adding self-closing airbricks, which are designed to allow air to pass through freely but not water.

Putting some of these simple measures in place to keep the water out or reduce the impact that flood water does have when it enters a property can significantly reduce the cost of future repairs.

The scheme is designed to help some of the people who are most at risk from flooding across the UK. It is being led by Flood Re, which is a joint initiative between the Government and insurers that aims to make the flood cover part of household insurance policies more affordable.

Ageas is one of the first insurers in the UK to offer Build Back Better. If a customer’s home is flooded, and they meet our criteria for the Build Back Better scheme – as outlined below – we’ll offer them up to £5,000 towards the installation of flood resilience measures and help our customers take a proactive approach to the issue.

Ageas is offering Build Back Better to any new or existing customer from 1st June 2022 who:

  • Has Buildings insurance with us
  • Whose home is in a high-risk flood area or the property has suffered previous flooding at some point
  • A flood has occurred which has been caused by coastal, river or flash flooding and water has entered the customer’s main property
  • And whose claim for the above is expected to cost over £10,000 and/or involve a supplier being appointed

We at Ageas hope that through this scheme, not only can the cost of future repairs be significantly reduced, but our homeowners can suffer less upheaval and get on with their lives.

Furthermore, we hope the Build Back Better scheme will not only help customers with the costs to combat future risks of flooding; but also help to shift attitudes. By taking preventative actions to reduce the damage inflicted on their homes, customers can take back some control and feel empowered in the process.

For more information about how to protect your home and belongings, go to Solved.