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24/7 Vet helpline

Our Vet helpline offers a 24/7 telephone service and an online chat service which gives you a chance to chat through any health concerns you may have about your dog or cat.


Pet insurance for dogs

Looking to insure your dog? Our pet insurance is designed to suit you and the needs of your dog. From the various levels of cover to choose from to our 24/7 vet helpline, we make insuring your dog as easy as possible.

Here are some of the benefits that are included in your pet insurance policy and some of the exclusions to our cover.  

What’s included

  • The cost of veterinary fees for new conditions. Cover limits and time covered vary by cover level chosen.†
  • Death - payment of the purchase price if your dog, up to aged eight, dies of an injury, illness or as a result of the vet putting your dog to sleep due to injury or illness. Payment limits apply and will vary depending on cover level chosen.††
  • Payment for theft or straying, resulting in permanant loss due to your dog being stolen or lost. Payment will vary depending on cover level chosen.***

What's not covered

  • Any dog not owned by you at the registered UK address on the policy.
  • Any dog less than 8 weeks old at the start date of the policy.
  • Any condition which occured or existed prior to the start of the policy or within the first 14 days. Also an accident or death within the first 48 hours of the policy start date.


Why choose our pet insurance?

We're here to make sure your furry friends are protected. Here are just a few of the reasons to choose Ageas Pet Insurance for your dog.

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Monthly payments

Pay monthly to protect your pet, interest-free and hassle-free

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24/7 Vet helpline

Our medical pet specialists will be on hand 24/7

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UK based claims service

Our claims team is here to help protect your pet


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Our types of cover

We offer 2 types of cover to help suit your needs and those of your dog. 

  • Lifetime - Provides cover for all injuries or conditions** that occur within the policy year. Your cover resets at renewal, provided you remain insured with us.^
  • Time limited - Covers treatment for injuries or conditions for 12 months, from the day your dog's condition was first noticed by you or your vet.^^

Click the buttons below to find out more about our cover options. 

Pet insurance 5 star Defaqto rating

Don't just take our word for it...

Our Extra and Ultra cover levels have been rated 5 Star by industry experts Defaqto.

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Levels of cover

Simply choose from our four levels of cover to get the protection you need for your dog. We offer:

  • Essentials - Time limited
  • Classic - Lifetime
  • Extra - Lifetime
  • Ultra - Lifetime


View our policy documents

Take a look at our policy booklet below. You can also click here to look at the product information document that relates to the level of cover you are interested in.

†Veterinary fees: up to £10,000 for Ultra cover, up to £4,000 for Extra cover, up to £2,000 for Classic cover (maximum £1,000 per condition) and up to £1,500 for Essential cover (with 12 month time limit), per period of insurance to cover all conditions. 

††Death, up to £1,750 for Ultra cover, up to £1,250 for Extra cover, up to £1,000 for Classic cover and up to £750 for Essential cover, if your cat dies because of an injury, illness, or as a result of the vet putting your cat to sleep due to injury or illness.

***Theft or straying, up to £1,500 for Ultra cover, up to £1,250 for Extra cover, up to £1,000 for Classic cover and up to £750 for Essential cover, resulting in permanent loss due to your cat being stolen or lost.The payment amount is the cost of the pet or cover limit, whichever is lowest and it is paid after 45 days of the pet going missing.

*Our Extra and Ultra cover levels have been rated 5 Star by industry experts Defaqto.

**Excluding pre-existing medical conditions.

^There's no limit to how long you can claim for each illness or injury, provided you keep your policy renewed, the premiums paid up to date and we invite renewal. If your pet’s total veterinary treatment in the policy year exceeds the limit applicable for your level of cover, there will be no further cover until the renewal of the policy when the cover resets.

^^The policy must remain in force (including at annual renewal if relevant) for the cover to continue. Once the financial limit or the 12 months has passed (whichever is sooner) any further treatment required for the condition or injury will not be covered by this policy. 

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