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With the increase in extreme weather in the UK, we've gathered tips and guides to help you protect your home before, during and after the weather turns; and offer support if your home is affected.

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Our Flood Hub offers help with how to prevent damage to your home and what to do in the event of a flood.

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Our Storm Hub offers help with how to prevent damage to your home and what to do in the event of a storm.

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Our Freeze Hub offers tips on how to prevent damage to your home when the temperatures drop and what to do when the frost starts to thaw.

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Driving TIPS Hub

Bad weather usually means challenging driving conditions, such as heavy rain, strong winds; or ice and snow. See our driving tips; or if you've been affected, make a claim.

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Our online claims service is the quickest way to register a car or home claim. Available 24/7, home claims include Accidental Damage, Escape of Water, Freezer Food, Loss or Theft of Personal Belongings and Storm Damage.