Dacia has been bringing their small and reliable range of vehicles to the European market for over 50 years. 

Today, the Romanian manufacturer’s line up features everything from the Duster, with its demanding road presence, to the family-ready Sandero Stepway.

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Presenting Dacia

  • Founded in Romania in 1966, Dacia takes its name from the historic region that makes up much of modern day Romania.
  • Originally a communist state-owned company, Dacia has been a subsidiary of French manufacturer Renault since 1999.
  • Dacia’s annual sales have been climbing impressively quickly, with the Dacia Duster becoming the second best-selling car in Europe in 2019*.Presenting Dacia

Did you know?

Dacia is Romania’s biggest company, having reached profits of 4.6 billion Euros (approximately £4 billion) in 2017.**

White Dacia Duster

Looking for insurance for your Dacia?

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Insurance groups and tax bands for Dacia models

When calculating your car insurance quote, providers consider a number of factors. These could include things like your age and where you live, as well as the insurance group of the car you’d like to cover.

Insurance groups are bandings from 1-50 that take into account the costs and risks associated with each model of vehicle and – if it is something your provider considers – then you could pay less if your car falls within one of the lower groups.

Car insurance groups are explained in more detail here. 

Another cost to consider when buying a car is your road tax. Also known as Vehicle Excise Duty, this is calculated using a banding system, where cars emitting more CO2 will pay more in tax annually. 

Insurance groups and tax bands for some Dacia car models include:

Model Insurance Group Tax Band
Dacia Duster Estate 5 - 12 C - I
Dacia Duster SUV 9 - 15 G - I
Dacia Logan MCV 2 - 12 A - G
Dacia Logan MCV Stepway 7 - 9 E - G
Dacia Sandero 2 - 12 A - G
Dacia Sandero Stepway 3 - 13 A - G

At Ageas, we work hard to offer our comprehensive car insurance to as many UK drivers as possible. However, we can’t promise a policy for every kind of car or circumstance, and this could include some Dacia models.