From Lego challenges to DIY playdough, there are plenty of creative games and activities that you and your family can play at home. 

Using bits and pieces from around the house, here are a few easy ideas that the whole family can enjoy together. 

Paper aeroplanes 

Making aeroplanes out of paper is a simple and classic family activity - you never know how well yours will fair until it comes to take-off.

Everyone has a design they think works best, and different techniques have been passed down through the generations. You can all decorate the planes in your own unique designs too – you’re only limited by your imagination.

If your paper plane technique is a little rusty, you can always have a browse through YouTube or Pinterest, where you can find hundreds of folding tutorials.

Once you’ve all finished your creations, line up and see who can throw theirs the furthest. Keep score of how far they flew, and add extra points for loop-the loops.

Make your own playdough

All kids love playdough, as there are really no limits to what you can sculpt from it. But what if you no longer have any at home?

Thankfully, it’s pretty straightforward to make your own. This guide from BBC Good Food explains how to whip up your own batch using nothing more than some flour, salt and vegetable oil.

Once it’s made, you can set challenges with your kids to see who can build the best creation, whether it’s of famous monuments or, even better, sculptures of each other.

Best of all, you can plonk it back in the fridge when you’re done and it’s ready to go when you need it.

Make a rainbow picture

One way that families around the world are trying to spread a little joy is by making a picture of a rainbow and then sticking it up in their front window to put a smile on the faces of any passersby.

You can be as elaborate as you like, and, even if you don’t have pens, pencils or paint to hand there are still ways to make your rainbow. For example, you could cut out coloured images from old magazines or newspapers to build a rainbow shaped collage.

If you’re feeling particularly competitive, you can get everyone in the house to produce their own rainbow picture and then vote for your favourite.

Get musical

If you’re already learning to play an instrument, then this is an excellent chance to get some extra practice in. But if you don’t have any around the house, you can try your hand at making your own musical instrument.

It doesn’t have to be anything too technical ‒ you could make a shaker out of an empty toilet roll tube and some rice, for example. Again, YouTube and Pinterest are good places to turn to for inspiration.

Once everyone has an instrument to hand, you can have a go at games like ‘Name That Tune’.

Take a Lego challenge

Lego provides hours of fun for kids and grownups alike. And now’s the perfect time to put your old bricks to use by taking part in a Lego challenge.

There are all sorts of 30-day Lego challenges online, like this one, where players have to make something specific each day, for example a space rocket or a tower. You can come up with your own, if you prefer.

If you get another family to take the challenge with you, you can snap pictures of your creations each day and share them with each other on social media.

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Win, lose or draw

This is a nice simple game ‒ all you need is some paper and something to draw with. Each player takes it in turns to think of a film, book or TV show, and then has to draw clues for their fellow players to help them identify it.

It doesn’t matter if you aren’t much of an artist either. The more unusual the drawing looks, the funnier it gets!

Play dress up

This one’s easy. Not only does it give you the chance to have a good wardrobe clear-out, kids will love dressing up in your old clothes.

Give them some scenarios to act out in-character, like a dinner party or going to the shops. You can even get them to do imitations of you, if you’re feeling brave.

Go on a treasure hunt

A treasure hunt is an excellent way to get everybody’s brains whirring. There are plenty of ways you can do it too ‒ for example, everyone can pick a ‘treasure’ that they hide around the house, whether that’s a chocolate bar or a favourite toy.

They can then draw a treasure map for you to follow, or even write a series of clues that need to be solved so that you can find the treasure.

Again, you can be as creative as you like with this one. If you want a more authentic treasure hunt you can even ‘age’ your map by rubbing it with a used tea bag to give it a discoloured effect.

Whatever activity you decide to go with, the most important thing is that you and your family spend some quality, fun time together at home.

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