Keeping children happy and entertained indoors isn’t always easy.

Kids can have short attention spans and a bedroom full of toys never quite seems to be enough. So, if you have to stay in and want to keep your family happy and your home in one piece, you’ll need to get creative.

We’ve pulled together some indoor adventures that the whole family can enjoy:

Make a fort

A timeless classic, building forts at home can be messy, but it provides escapism in its purest form.

Grab some cushions from the sofa or some old cardboard boxes and you and your kids will be all set to build a home within your home. Be sure your fort is built securely following the tried and tested rules that have been passed down through the generations: those holding down the fort must have clear lines of sight to spot parents bearing chores, and have simple and direct access to supplies (be within crawling distance of the kitchen).

Camp out in the front room

Another age-old activity, sleeping in the front room is akin to sleeping in another country.

Blankets and an air mattress are all you need. Sleeping under a makeshift tent off the side of the dining table adds to that campsite feel. Alternatively, try settling down by the sofa in the front room and combine camping with a pre-bed film.

Make a non-Newtonian fluid

Be warned, this is messy. A non-Newtonian fluid is one that goes hard when you squeeze it and runny when you let it go. All you need is corn starch (225g), water (230ml), a bowl and a spoon.

Simply mix together the ingredients in the bowl using the spoon. When it’s come to the consistency of cream, push your hand firmly down into the fluid. It will firm up, preventing your hand from sinking in. You can grab a chunk of it, hold it in the palm of your hand and watch it drip out from between your fingers – squeezy fun for kids and grown-ups alike.

Treasure hunt

This can be as simple as hunting for a treat hidden somewhere in the home. Alternatively, you can go full tilt and create a map and a series of clues to make the hunt both entertaining and time-filling.

The trick to keeping the treasure hunters engaged is to make sure it’s not too difficult and that the prize is sufficiently exciting. Sweets are always a winner.

The floor is lava!

A game that never ends. Someone shouts, “The floor is lava!” And everyone has to jump off the floor onto something. The last person to get off the floor is out.

This game starts at random and never really finishes. Someone could just walk into a room while everyone’s relaxing and shout, “The floor is lava!”, and chaos will ensue.

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