It doesn’t matter if you're it’s first owner or twenty-first, it can be all too easy to fall in love with the independence and control that comes with owning a car. 

And what’s not to love?  Your car can take you on adventures – and help you clear your mind. It can be a status symbol and even an extension of you, its owner. Not to mention, it makes getting around a whole lot easier. 

But how can you tell when common attachment turns to infatuation? Has your car become more to you than just a way from A to B? 

Here are some signs that show you may have fallen in love with your car:

You’ve named it

As with pets, your car has truly become part of the family if you’ve given it a name. 

You wouldn’t be alone, if you have. Almost 40% of car lovers have named their vehicles, according to a survey in 2017. The most popular male name was ‘Kermit’, while ‘Swifty’ topped the list of female names.

Then there are the less traditional choices, like ‘Scarlett O'Cara’, ‘Ford Fiasco’ and ‘Matt CAR-dle’.

You keep it spotless

Are you dedicated to keeping your car shiny and clean, inside and out? Perhaps you change where you park to avoid muddy puddles and bird-lined tree branches. Maybe you even have two layers of car mats to keep the bottom ones clean.

This might be a sign you’re a tad infatuated with your car. It could also mean that you’ve seen the results of an investigation Ageas conducted with a scientific laboratory – it showed that four out of five cars may contain volumes of bacteria above the level at which experts recommend a thorough clean. 

You impose strict rules

Sometimes car love affairs need the understanding of your family and friends too – particularly if you impose strict rules on passengers.

For example: do you let them eat and drink in your car? Do you make them take off their dirty shoes before getting in? Or do you get anxious when you hear the kids dropping something all over the back seat?

If this rings a bell, then you may be a little more car-proud than you realise.

You talk to your car

Sometimes a little pep talk before a hill start makes you feel a little more confident. Or maybe your car lends an ear to your occasional frustrations with other drivers. If you’re talking to your car like you would a person, it could be a sign your bond has moved to the next level. 

In future, more and more drivers will be doing the same thing, but actually using voice technology to more safely control things like satellite navigation. 

For now, you might just have to get used to the concerned looks from other drivers while you natter away.

Your social media profile looks like a fan page

If you’re posting photo after photo of your car in various locations, you know what we’re going to say – you’re in love. We get it, your car looks great parked at that angle in front of that shimmering lake. But you may want to think twice about sharing so many pics on your friends’ feeds.

There’s nothing wrong with showing a little affection for a car you love – particularly if you do so by being a safer driver. Just don’t forget to get out there and spend time with your other, human, friends too.

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