The United Kingdom (UK) left the European Union (EU) on 31st January 2020 with a Withdrawal Agreement and subsequently entered into a transitional period which ended on 31st December 2020. The UK Government has announced that discussions with the EU to agree the terms of the future relationship between the two have been successful and a trade deal has been confirmed.

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Green Card information

Please visit our dedicated page for information about driving in the EU from 2nd August 2021.

We want to reassure you that you’re still covered by the terms of your car insurance policy if you’re considering driving your vehicle outside of the UK from 1st January 2021.  However, there are still some matters that have yet to be decided between the EU and UK, including access to the free circulation zone, which means that UK drivers must currently carry a Green Card when travelling outside of the UK from 1st January 2021.

We have provided some information about Green Cards as well as other matters which you need to know in relation to driving in the EU in our dedicated Driving in Europe page. We will update it once further details are available.

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