Ageas recently launched a sustainable motor repairs workshop for solution centres.

Ageas is at the forefront of using green parts and a repair over replace approach to be more sustainable in vehicle repairs. These initiatives have been used for over four years and are embedded in the DNA of our repair network. This new workshop was designed to encourage solution centres to consider the impact of vehicle repairs and explore further emerging opportunities to repair cars sustainably.

Featured in this first workshop were organisations offering everything from number plate recycling to repair over replace training and of course, green parts. As well as being designed to inspire, the day also offered the 40 attendees the opportunity to network with other experts and share best practice.

“Our repair network has been using green parts in vehicle repairs for some time now and we are proud of the strides we have made to make them an integral part of the motor repair process. Nevertheless, there is so much we can do to reduce the environmental impact of vehicle repairs and so this workshop was designed to prompt us all to consider what more can be done to reduce the impact of vehicle repairs. We will be making these workshops a regular feature so we can keep challenging ourselves and our network.”

Stephen Linklater Claims Director

“The Ageas Vehicle Sustainability Workshop … was truly an enlightening experience. The presentations delivered by Ageas suppliers were not only informative but also sparked valuable insights into sustainable practices that left me contemplating ways to integrate them into the NBRA's initiatives.”

Martyn Rowley, Executive Director - NBRA & VBRA Commercial

“The workshop in my opinion was extremely worthwhile as it highlighted other sustainability opportunities which we can explore to be an ever-greener accident repair centre. It also gave us the opportunity to speak with other repair partners within the Ageas network and bounce around different ideas.”

Gary Mackinnon, Jerkins & Pain