A budding artist from London is one step closer to achieving her dream of becoming a famous artist after winning a colouring competition.

Joelle Chow, 12, loves drawing and has even set up her own art channel on YouTube.

During lockdown she entered Ageas' colouring competition, and was stunned to hear she’d won last week.

“I was really surprised, I didn’t expect to win,” she said. “I really like doing art at school but I also like doing it at home for fun. When Dad said I should enter the competition I thought it was a good idea but I never thought I’d win.”

Joelle’s artwork was inspired by one of her favourite lockdown treats. “A few days before the competition Mum had bought some of the popcorn that you can make yourself at home. I was really craving it at the time I was doing the picture so there are little popcorn boxes you can see if you look closely.”

Joelle Chow winning entry

Ageas sent Joelle a voucher as a prize for coming first in the competition. And Joelle has put it to good use by investing in a desk easel.

Ageas’ Ant Middle said: “We’re thrilled to hear Joelle’s used her prize money to invest in her art. She certainly has a talent for it and her image has brightened lockdown for all of us here at Ageas.”

Joelle’s picture was so good that Ageas has remotely set it as the screensaver for the insurer’s thousands of employees to see.

Joelle said: “It’s nice to think so many people can see my picture. I hope they like it.”

Joelle Chow competition winner