Volvo and its impressive lineup of vehicles are no strangers to UK roads. In fact, the Swedish manufacturer has been popular among British drivers for decades.

With older models like the 760 and 850 having made a big impression, the brand’s latest range features everything from the sleek and sporty S90, to the bulky XC90 SUV.

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3 facts about Volvo

  • Volvo’s automotive arm was founded in 1927, as a subsidiary of a ball bearing manufacturer.
  • The brand was famously sold to the Ford Motor Company in 1999, before being transferred again to China-based Geely in 2010.
  • In July 2017, Volvo confirmed that any brand new models launched from 2019 onwards would only be available with hybrid or fully electric engines.
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Did you know?

Volvo pioneered the three-point version of the seat belt, which we still use today. The company chose not to patent the device, putting the safety of drivers around the world above its profits.

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Looking for insurance?

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Insurance groups and tax bands for Volvo

There’s a lot that goes into a car insurance quote. Insurers need to look at plenty of information when calculating a quote and one thing some providers may take into account is the insurance group of the car you’d like covered. These are bandings numbered from 1-50, and they reflect the potential costs and risks associated with particular car models.

How much road tax you’ll need to pay also depends on the make and model of your car. This is also calculated using a banding system, whereby vehicles that emit more CO2 are charged more annually.

Tax bands and insurance groups for some popular Volvo models include:

Model Insurance Group Tax Band
Volvo S60 Saloon 34 - 43 B -I
Volvo S90 27 - 44 B - I
Volvo V40 Hatchback 17 - 35 A - J
Volvo V60 16 - 44 A - L
Volvo V60 Estate 24 - 43 B - I
Volvo V90 27 - 44 B - J
Volvo XC60 31 - 44 B - J
Volvo XC90 33 - 45 A - K

At Ageas, we try to offer our comprehensive car insurance to as many UK drivers as we possibly can. But we can’t guarantee to cover every type of car, and this could include some Volvo models.

We will calculate if we can provide you with a quote based on a number of considerations that include your car and your personal circumstances.

*Excludes cars written off or declared a total loss.