Continuously in production since 1975, the BMW 3 Series has a long and proud history. 

Several generations of British drivers have praised this model for its executive styling and ever-improving raft of features.

Silver BMW 3 Series

3 facts about the BMW 3 Series

  • In production for almost half a century, there have now been seven generations of the BMW 3 Series.
  • In that time, the model has been built in a variety of body styles, including two-door convertible, two-door sedan, three-door hatchback, and five-door station wagon among others.
  • The latest iteration of the model was unveiled in 2018 and boasts a body of high-strength steel and aluminium within its architecture.


Purple car cut out

Did you know?

The model has won the ‘Best Executive Car’* award by What Car in 2019.

BMW 3 series steering wheel

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BMW 3 Series insurance groups and tax bands

There are a lot of factors that go into a quote for car insurance. Providers will consider a mix of personal factors as well as information about the car you drive, and this could include your vehicle’s insurance group. These are bandings from 1-50 that reflect the costs and risks associated with each car model, helping insurers gauge the scale of a potential claim. 

Car insurance groups are explained in more detail here.

Another banding system to be aware of is the one used for Vehicle Excise Duty, also known as road tax. Charged annually on all cars used on UK roads, the amount you need to pay will depend on your car’s CO2 emissions. 

Tax bands and insurance groups for popular editions of the BMW 3 Series include:

Model Insurance Group Tax Band
BMW 3 Series 318d SE 4d 25 G
BMW 3 Series 320d SE 4d 28 G
BMW 3 Series 320d Sport 4d 29 G
BMW 3 Series 320i M Sport auto 4d 30 G
BMW 3 Series 330i Sport Sport Automatic 4d 32 H
BMW 3 Series 330e SE Sport Automatic 4d 33 B
BMW 3 Series 330d Sport Sport Automatic 4d 38 H
BMW 3 Series 330d M Sport Plus Automatic 4d 39 H

At Ageas, we aim to offer our comprehensive cover to as many drivers as possible. But we can’t guarantee a policy for every model of car, and this could include editions of the BMW 3 Series.

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**Subject to the vehicle being maintained in accordance with the manufacturer routine maintenance schedule. Defective parts will be replaced without charge as long as they are covered by the part manufacturer’s warranty. Failure of components or bodywork damage will not be covered if deterioration is through normal usage.