Already bought one of our business products with a broker? Speak to them about topping up your protection with our legal expenses insurance. Getting into a legal dispute with a customer or supplier isn’t what any company wants, but it’s always best to be one step ahead, just in case.
Defending a legal action against your business can be pricey and time consuming. It can also damage your most valuable asset – your reputation. So, wave goodbye to the worry of paying solicitors’ fees if the worst should happen and get the best cover for your business today.

You can cover:

  • Defence of employment disputes, including compensation awards
  • Tax protection – the costs involved with a tax investigation
  • Pursuit of claims for damage to property
  • Defence costs following alleged non-compliance with laws or regulation
  • Loss of earnings due to jury service – up to £5,000
  • Employees’ extra protection – defence against unlawful discrimination, for pension fund trustees and pursuit of a claim if an employee is injured while on business
  • Personal legal expenses cover up to £50,000 if you and your family live at the premises
  • Landlord's legal protection for legal costs and expenses up to £50,000

Need to know

You can only buy our legal expenses insurance with a broker. They’re the experts when it comes to your business needs, so you’ll get the best cover at a price that’s right for you.

Find out more about buying through a broker