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Our business insurance

From shopkeepers and metal-bashers to managers of commercial vehicles, we’ve got you covered.

Not every business is the same, so why should your insurance be?

Our business insurance products are only available to buy with a broker. When it comes to protecting your business, they’re the experts – so you’ll get the cover that’s right for you.

On 15 February 2022, we announced the sale of our Commercial lines business to AXA Insurance UK PLC. This does not include our Commercial Van business which we will continue to underwrite, based on our expertise in motor insurance. The sale is part of our strategy to focus our time and investment on growing our Personal lines business, where we have strong heritage and market-leading experience.

If you are a current customer, there is no change until your policy is due for renewal and your broker will contact you at that time to make the necessary arrangements. If you are currently going through a claim with us or need to make a claim while your policy is still with Ageas, this will still be managed by us or your broker in the usual way. If you have any questions about how this affects your commercial policy, please contact your broker.

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Commercial combined

If your business has more complex insurance needs, our commercial combined insurance could be just the ticket.

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Cover your cleaning business for everything from liability for damage to customers’ homes, to failure to secure their property.

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Own a wholesaler or distributor business? Make sure you’re protected for things like machinery breakdown and damaged goods.

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Our fleet insurance is designed to cover you if your business has more than four vehicles – either private cars or commercial vans.

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Work from home? Our homeworkers insurance ticks off all sorts of different trades, including a work away option.

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Legal expenses

You can top up any of our business insurance policies with our legal expenses insurance, so you’ll be covered for any disputes.

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Office and surgery

Whether you run your business from an office or a surgery, you can increase this flexible cover as your company grows.

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This combined policy for the manufacturing industry is flexible to suit your business – whether you need employers’ liability or property cover.

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Professional indemnity

Cover your business for breach of professional duty, which can include you, your employees and any contractors working on their behalf.

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Property owners

Do you own just one property or a portfolio of them? Our policies cover both commercial and residential properties.

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Run a recruitment agency? Make sure you’re covered from every angle with our recruitment insurance policy.

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From employer’s liability to financial loss, our security insurance is designed to protect security and alarm companies.

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Our all-in-one shopkeeper  insurance covers you for all the basics, so you can keep your business going if the unexpected happens.

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Whether you’re self-employed, in a partnership or a limited company, get the essential cover you need in place.

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