From putting up a shelf to installing a whole kitchen, there are thousands, if not millions of YouTube videos to show you how it’s done.

We've gathered some of the best DIY YouTubers, so you can get inspired with your next DIY project and learn some top tips.

Rag ‘n’ Bone Brown

For really simple step-by-step video guides on projects such as building a shed, or bespoke home-working desk, Rag ‘n’ Bone Brown is a great place to start.

Keith Brown creates videos from his Norfolk home on reclamation, woodworking and restoration. He also reviews some of the best tools worth investing in.

His video on how to make a doghouse with leftover cladding from a shed he’d recently built, is particularly popular.

The Carpenter’s Daughter

Vicky Lee, AKA The Carpenter’s Daughter, is a big fan of learning on the job. Her home DIY renovation tutorials are great for beginners, covering everything from decorating to woodworking. It’s really whatever project she’s currently tackling in her own home and has included plastering (which she says is harder than it looks), tiling her kitchen, laying her own patio, building her own decking and more. What a superstar!

Vicky might just inspire you to have a go yourself and not put off that next project any longer.

Ultimate Handyman

Planning to replace your bathroom? Ultimate Handyman has a series of videos showing how you can replace a bathroom from start to finish.

Despite its Hollywood blockbuster style trailer, these DIY videos take a no-nonsense approach. Starting back in 2007, the Ultimate Handyman now has hundreds of how-to guides to help answer your DIY questions.

Gosforth Handyman

Ever wondered what to do with leftover sawdust? Andy Mac, AKA Gosforth Handyman, finds no fewer than 10 ways to make use of the wood-working by-product, in one of his most popular videos. His other top rated videos include ‘How to fix really heavy things to walls’, and ‘How to properly re-silicone a shower’.

If you’re looking for how-to videos on property maintenance, renovation, woodworking, DIY and more, this one’s for you.

The Restoration Couple

From a loft conversion to a biomass heating installation, to an outdoor pizza oven (yes please!) which is unsurprisingly their most popular video, The Restoration Couple will try their hands at any DIY project for the home or garden.

You can simply enjoy the highs and lows of the Eco renovation of their Victorian house near Bath, or watch in wonder how they build their own workshop. Just sit back, relax and learn from their experiences - then why not have a go yourself?

Hermione Chantal

If your DIY focus is more about thrifty home decor and home renovation, then Hermione Chantal’s YouTube channel is a good place to start.

While her videos cover all manner of home makeovers and hacks, her most popular uploads are all about how best to clean, declutter and organise your rooms. (I need to watch this one!)

Hermione also shares tips on how to transform your home using bargain buys from stores such as Ikea.

DIY Basics

A playlist rather than a fully-fledged YouTube channel, DIY Basics covers those “questions about home improvement that you were afraid to ask”. These include the likes of ‘How do I paint my front door?’ and ‘When do I use nails vs screws?’. A new video is uploaded every week so there’s plenty of helpful information to be found.

The DIY Basics playlist is part of a deeper collection of DIY videos on the Lowe's Home Improvement YouTube site. (Lowe’s is an American DIY store)

Go at your own pace

YouTube can be a great source of inspiration and invaluable tips for home owners who want to have a go themselves. But do take care, remember many of the best YouTubers are still amateurs, so make sure you're comfortable about which DIY jobs you can safely do and feel happy with; and those you’ll need the professionals for.

Happy DIY-ing!

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