Take one home full of possessions built up over a lifetime. Add human error, pets and children. And leave to simmer for years. Accidents are as easy as boiling an egg. 

We’ve trawled home insurance claims for accidental damage made by Ageas customers to find some of the more bizarre ones. 

1. The dog ate my hearing aid 

This is surprisingly common. Or perhaps less surprising to dog owners, who know man’s best friend will get its chops around absolutely anything.

We’ve all heard the one about the dog eating the homework. In a modern twist on this excuse - revealed in several insurance claims - rather than eating the homework itself, dogs have smashed laptops being used to study.

2. Snake on the loose 

Catching animals on the loose in your home can have damaging consequences. One person claimed on their insurance for damage to their sofa while trying to rescue a snake. 

Another had a shock when finding a snake in her kitchen in the middle of the night. Her vinyl flooring was ripped after the fridge was moved in an attempt to get to the serpent. 

3. Ghostly happenings 

Reminiscent of an episode of Scooby Doo, one poor individual fell over and broke their glasses while on a ghost hunt.

4. Now where did I put those glasses? 

Where’s the last place you want to find your lost glasses? Roasting in the oven.

Accidental damage - what it covers

5. Pop open the bubbly

Some advice before celebrating with a glass of bubbly: when you open the bottle, be careful to aim the cork somewhere where it can’t do any damage.

One customer popped open a bottle of champagne and the cork smashed through their conservatory roof.

Others have knocked the specs straight off their head.

6. Cake recipe: flour, sugar, eggs… a hearing aid?

Cakes cause many problems. One customer dropped her hearing aid in the cake mix and then baked it. Another sat on a cake ruining their best coat.

Many others have caused damage by dropping birthday candles, or letting slip heavy mixing bowls. Another ruined their oven by spilling cake mix, which found its way into all the nooks and crannies.

7. The danger of sneezing

Who knows the number of cuppas that get sent flying by particularly vicious sneezes.

One unfortunate individual sneezed so powerfully that they punched themselves in the side of the head, breaking their glasses.

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