Accidents are a bother. Ones that mean you need to replace your car, because it’s been written off, are particularly troublesome.

Sometimes, perfectly repairable cars are written off because the cost of fixing them is greater than the value of the car.

This is where green parts come in. A green part is a used part that’s been saved from another car. They are cheaper than a new part so sometimes a car can be saved from being written off by opting to use green parts.

Moreover, they are good for the environment; that’s why they’re called green parts. You save a car from being written off and a new part does not need to be manufactured. It is better than recycling, it is reducing production and reusing parts in their original form.

Using these reclaimed car parts has other benefits too. For example, they can be easier to source; for some parts a new version may be unavailable or take a long time to get hold of.

Of course, safety is paramount and green parts aren’t used when a safety-related car part needs replacing.

Green parts: helping customers and the environment

How used car parts keep customers happy and help the environment

The video above shows a car that had its lock forcibly broken while its owner was out taking her dog for a walk. Due to the age of the car, a new lock would have cost so much that the car would have been a ‘total loss’ or write-off. But using a green part, in this case a used lock, meant the owner was able to keep her car. For added peace of mind, the lock came with a lifetime guarantee. The customer was very happy indeed.

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