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Our personal accident insurance

Protect yourself and your loved ones with our personal accident insurance, to give you peace of mind if you’re injured or in an accident.

Protection when you need it

We all know how life can sometimes throw things at us that take us off course. They’re difficult to prepare for emotionally, but you can make sure you and your family are protected as much as possible financially.

Our personal accident insurance is available to buy from a broker and is there to give you peace of mind in case you’re injured or involved in an accident. You can tailor your cover to suit you and it can be extended to protect you for sports, too.

  • Protects your household income
  • Gives your bank and financial institutions confidence
  • Continue to meet your work commitments

Need to know

You can only buy our personal accident insurance from a broker. They’re the experts when it comes to protecting you, so you’ll get the best cover at a price that’s right for you.

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