Smart are renowned for their small and stylish city cars, and the quirky ForFour is certainly no exception.

Featuring a range of innovative features and all those Smart staples, it’s a model designed with urban driving in mind.

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3 facts about the Smart ForFour

  • Originally in production for a limited period between 2004 and 2006, the Smart ForFour relaunched in 2014.*
  • This latest iteration includes a popular all-electric model, known as the Smart EQ ForFour.**
  • Much like the rest of Smart’s lineup, the ForFour’s tight turning circle makes it uniquely suited to city driving.^
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Did you know?

85° rear doors and folding seat backrests mean this small and sturdy car is surprisingly good at shifting cargo.^^

Orange Smart ForFour car

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Smart ForFour insurance groups and tax bands information

When coming to price for your car insurance quote, insurance providers will look at lots of information about you and your car, in order to calculate your level of risk. This often includes everything from your age and occupation to where you live, while some insurers might choose to consider the insurance group of your vehicle. This is a banding system from 1-50 that reflects the parts costs and safety history of each model of car, therefore helping insurers to gauge your risk when you drive it.

Another thing you’ll need to know about as a Smart ForFour driver is how much Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) you owe. This is a tax paid annually on all cars driven on UK roads, and how much you need to pay in the first year your car is registered depends on its CO2 emissions.  

Tax bands and insurance groups for some versions of the Smart ForFour include:

Model Insurance Group Tax Band
Smart ForFour Urban Shadow Edition 1.0l Manual 70bhp 2 E
Smart ForFour Edition 1 1.0l Manual 70bhp 3 E
Smart ForFour Night Sky Prime Sport T 0.9l Manual 89bhp 8 E
Smart ForFour Proxy T 0.9l Manual 89bhp 9 E
Smart EQ ForFour Passion Advanced Sequential Automatic 80bhp 9 A
Smart EQ ForFour Pulse Premium Sequential Automatic 80bhp 9 A
Smart EQ ForFour Prime Exclusive Sequential Automatic 80bhp 10 A
Smart EQ ForFour Prime Premium 7kW Sequential Automatic 80bhp 11 A

At Ageas, we do our best to provide car insurance to as many cars on UK roads as we possibly can. But we can’t guarantee a policy for every car and driver, and this could include some versions of the Smart ForFour.

We will determine if we can provide you with a quote based on a number of factors that include your car and your personal circumstances.