The Picanto is a popular and economical city car offered by South Korean automotive stalwarts Kia. In production since 2004, it’s celebrated for its low running costs and commute-ready handling.

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3 facts about the Kia Picanto

  • The original Picanto was unveiled in 2003, with two further generations having been offered since, the most recent landing in 2017.
  • The latest iteration of the Picanto is compatible both with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.
  • The latest edition of the Picanto puts an emphasis on safety, with new features such as Autonomous Emergency Breaking (AEB) and Straight Line Stability (SLS) included as standard.
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Did you know?

The Picanto was crowned Best Value Car by What Car? in 2020**.

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Looking to cover your Kia Picanto?

At Ageas, we’re proud to have insured tens of thousands of UK drivers over the years.

Thanks to our range of optional extras, you’ll be able to build a policy that goes as far as you need it to. And, if you make a claim and choose one of our approved repairers, all workmanship comes with a guarantee for as long as you own the car^.

Looking for a quote?

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Kia Picanto tax bands and insurance groups

There’s plenty that goes into a car insurance quote. You’ll probably be aware that factors like your age and occupation are often taken into account, but the car you want covered will make a difference, too. Some insurers look at the insurance group of your car’s model, which is calculated based on a banding system from 1 to 50 that indicates the costs and risks associated with that particular model of car.

Another banding system to be aware of is the one used to determine how much Vehicle Excise Duty you owe. Often called road tax, this is owed annually and charged according to your car’s CO2 emissions.

Tax bands and Kia car insurance groups for popular Kia Picanto variants are:

Model Insurance Group Tax Band
Kia Picanto GT-Line 1.0 66bhp 5d 3 F
Kia Picanto 1 1.0 66bhp 5d 4 F
Kia Picanto 2 1.0 66bhp 5d 5 F
Kia Picanto Titanium Edition 1.0 66bhp 5d 5 F
Kia Picanto 3 1.25 83bhp auto 5d 6 H
Kia Picanto 1.25 83bhp auto 5d 7 H
Kia Picanto 2 1.25 83bhp auto 5d 8 H
Kia Picanto GT-Line 1.0 T-GDi 99bhp 5d 10 F

At Ageas, we’d like to provide as many UK drivers as possible with our comprehensive cover as we can. But we can’t guarantee there’s a policy suited to every type of car, and that could affect some versions of the Kia Picanto.

We will determine if we can provide you with a quote based on a number of factors that include your car and your personal circumstances.


^Subject to the vehicle being maintained in accordance with the manufacturer routine maintenance schedule. Defective parts will be replaced without charge as long as they are covered by the part manufacturer’s warranty. Failure of components or bodywork damage will not be covered if failure or deterioration is through normal usage.