The insurance industry replaced nearly 21 million car parts in 2022, according to figures from Thatcham research*.

Many cars that could be saved are condemned to the scrapheap due to the cost of new parts.

The impact of car repairs on the environment is huge - and that’s where ‘green parts’ come in.

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What are green parts?

Our award-winning^ green car parts programme helps to reduce the environmental impact of car accidents by reducing demand for production of new car parts for repairs.

When one of our customers’ cars is involved in an accident, we’ll first try to repair any damaged parts. Where repair is impossible, our next step is strive to use green car parts wherever possible.

Green car parts are original manufacturer car parts taken from one vehicle and used to fix another – although they are not used to replace safety-critical parts such as brakes.

As well as reducing the amount of glass, metal, plastic and energy needed to make new parts, it means parts get a second life, extending their use and reducing unnecessary waste. It also reduces the likelihood of damaged cars being scrapped due to the cost of new parts outweighing the value of the vehicle.

Ageas’ accident repair network replaces thousands of car parts with recycled green parts every year. In 2022, 31% of our qualifying repairs involved the use of at least one green car part **. Our aim is to continue to use green parts in as many of our vehicle repairs as possible.

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Award-winning green parts claims

Ageas won the Insurance Post, British Insurance Awards 2020 Claims Initiative of the Year^. We were also highly commended in the Insurance Post Claims Award 2020, sustainability category.

What are the benefits of using green parts?

Safe to use
  • All green parts and materials are undamaged and perfectly safe to use.
  • Green parts are only used for non-safety features such as wings, doors, bumpers and headlamps.
  • All are safety checked before fitting by our repair network centres.
  • All green parts repairs come with a 12-month guarantee, as do all our new parts repairs.
  • All parts are supplied by one supplier, the Green Parts Specialist, who are in partnership with Ageas.
Quick to source
  • Using a green part can be quicker - it’s often easier to access a green part in the UK, rather than waiting for a new part from a manufacturer, especially if coming from overseas.

Better for the environment
  • Using quality undamaged parts from a scrapped car that may otherwise go to landfill, preventing waste.
  • Saving on energy and precious resources such as steel, rubber, glass and plastic being used to manufacture new parts needlessly.
  • Reducing the likelihood of cars being written off due to parts being more expensive than the value of the car itself.
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Green car parts repairs

At Ageas safety is always at the forefront. That's why all our parts are supplied by our partner, the Green Parts Specialist.

*The insurance industry replaced 20,937,352 car parts in 2022 - Thatcham Research.

^Insurance Post, British Insurance Awards 2020, winner in the Claims Initiative of the Year category for our green parts repair programme.

** In 2022, 31.54% of Ageas’s qualifying repairs involved the use of at least one green car part