Atlanta Group, which owns Autonet, Carole Nash and Swinton, today announces that it has reached an agreement with Ageas that will see it expand its Autonet brand based in Stoke-on-Trent.

Atlanta will take over the lease of Ageas’ Stoke office and provide an offer of employment to the majority of the 220 staff who work at the site in a phased programme beginning 1 September 2019.

Job offers will be extended to staff at the centre which employs telephone advisors, web developers, insurance software specialists and numerous other support roles. The majority of employees who choose to accept Atlanta’s offer of employment will remain based at the site in Trentham Lakes.

They will be joining Atlanta Group which has 2,200 staff across six locations serving 2 million van, car, motorbike, home and small business insurance customers across a range of digitally powered and well-known brands including Autonet, Swinton and Carole Nash.

The new staff will work on the Autonet brand, together with colleagues in Autonet’s original Burslem location.

Atlanta Group CEO Ian Donaldson said: As a business which began life in Stoke-on-Trent 20 years ago, we’re proud to be expanding in the area and hope to welcome as many new colleagues as possible into the Atlanta family.

Having worked with Ageas for a number of years, and employed people from the business in the past, we know they have a high calibre of employees, experienced in both insurance and customer care. From our perspective, this arrangement is win-win; Atlanta can support those looking for employment when Ageas leaves Stoke; and the additional site and expertise further supports our growth plans

Ageas Chief Customer Officer, Ant Middle said: When we make a tough decision that affects our people we will always look for ways to help them with their onward employment. We’re really pleased to be able to offer an opportunity where our employees can choose to work with one of our trusted partners, maintaining their expertise in the insurance industry.

 Ageas announced the closure of the site earlier this year, responding to the trend of customers increasingly choosing to buy and service policies through digital channels and plans to make the business more efficient. Ageas will retain its offices in Eastleigh, Gloucester, Bournemouth Manchester and London.

The agreed proposition, which is subject to final contract, offers the majority of Ageas’s staff the opportunity for continued employment with Atlanta in addition to the already agreed remuneration packages as part of Ageas’s redundancy programme.