Ageas Insurance has just signed a new three year deal with Marmalade to provide motor insurance products to young drivers.

The products allow young drivers flexibility to get on the road without risking the car owner’s no claims discount:

  • Learner Driver Insurance - a bespoke product designed to be added to existing policies to cover learner drivers on a family member’s or friend’s car until they pass their driving test.
  • Student Driver Insurance - a bespoke product to cover university and boarding school students who only drive occasionally. It is designed to be added to a policy on a vehicle they borrow.
  • Named Young Driver Insurance - an annual telematics policy designed for young drivers, as an alternative to being named in the car owner’s policy. The app allows the telematics to only activate when the young driver is behind the wheel.

Marmalade, a BIBA Official Scheme provider, is a specialist provider of insurance products for young and learner drivers. They have been providing flexible insurance options to young drivers since 2006 and all their policy options offer the opportunity for young drivers to get on the road with their own, bespoke insurance policy.

Ant Middle Ageas’s Chief Customer Officer said;

Ageas is best known for offering car insurance to established drivers so we’re delighted to be working with Marmalade, offering insurance cover to the next generation of drivers.

Crispin Moger, CEO for Marmalade commented:

Marmalade chooses its partners carefully to ensure they understand our values and share the passion we maintain as a business. I am confident Ageas is the right partner for Marmalade to work with to continue challenging the industry and reshaping insurance products available for learner and young drivers.