Ageas is introducing a new regionally focussed commercial lines underwriting team, with a flexible and bespoke approach to deal-making.

As part of its strategy to grow its commercial lines business and make life easy for its brokers Ageas has recruited four well-known market underwriters to the new role of Regional Trading Underwriting Manager. They are based in the North, Midlands, South East and South West regions, where they already have strong relationships with brokers.

Effective from this month, this new team has a targeted approach that dovetails with Ageas’s existing broker sales force, providing easier access to its underwriters across the regions. The team’s flexible role allows them to examine broker needs face to face, in complete confidence. They can pull together a tailor-made proposition, based around a mutual commitment to a long-term relationship that draws on the exclusive benefits Ageas has developed for these brokers.

The new Regional Trading Underwriting Managers are:

North – Martin Hyde

Midlands – John Thompson

South East – Jason Leist

South West – Tim Griffiths

Commenting on the new service, chief underwriting officer Adam Clarke said:

We know brokers already enjoy close working relationships with our broker account executives. The new regional trading underwriting managers complement this team.

By connecting with small and medium-sized independent brokers looking to discuss options for their SME commercial business they will offer a ‘drains-up’ look at bespoke business opportunities.

Whether traded traditionally, digitally or as a scheme, our new Regional Trading Underwriting Managers will provide a service that will be particularly appealing to brokers looking for long-term opportunities they’re unable to secure with some of our competitors.