DIY mishaps and spring cleaning accidents caused thousands of pounds worth of damage in UK homes in 2016.

  • Last year’s Easter accidental damage home insurance claims were 67% more expensive on average compared to Christmas.
  • The average cost of an accidental damage claim last Easter was nearly £650.
  • Mishaps in UK homes during the Easter weekend cost nearly £80k to fix in 2016.
  • Not just eggs, but also TVs, laptops, smart phones and sinks got cracked last Easter.
  • Pets getting their paws on secret stashes of chocolate Easter eggs are also a known cause of home insurance claims.


Claims analysis from Ageas reveals that, at an average of £650, last year’s accidental damage home insurance claims made over Easter were 67% more expensive than claims made over the Christmas period and cost nearly £80k to fix.

Ageas saw many cases of damaged smart phones, tablets, TVs and cookers, but DIY jobs and spring cleaning also turned out to be a reoccurring theme, including:

  • A dog in a Nottingham home got his paws on a secret stash of Easter eggs while the family were doing chores around the house. The overindulgence and sickness that followed straight after ruined the carpet to the tune of nearly £500.
  • A customer’s daughter was heating up a pot of wax in her bedroom in Cleveland, and decided to give the room a bit of a spring clean while waiting. Unfortunately, the table with the wax pot was knocked during vigorous hoovering causing £200 worth of damage to the carpet. 

  • A man in Portsmouth spent his Easter Sunday decorating the living room. While he was putting the TV in its place, it slipped out of his hand falling on top of a coffee table causing both to crack, which cost nearly £1,000 to fix.                                                                                                                                                                           
  • A lady in Harrogate planned to spring clean her bathroom, but dropped the cistern lid into the toilet bowl causing over £600 worth of water damage to carpet and electrics in the home.

  • A policyholder in Glasgow noticed a layer of dust on aftershave bottles while lying in bed with a MacBook. A quick attempt to dust resulted in one of the bottles flying off the shelf and smashing the laptop screen to pieces - which cost nearly £1,100 to replace.

  • A customer in Sheffield didn’t have a light-bulb moment when a screw from the new light fitting accidently went through a pipe causing water damage to the tune of £3k.

  • A man in Darlington needed to fix a leaking tap in his bathroom when he suddenly dropped a metal tool causing the sink to crack and costing over £600 to fix.

  • Another customer is Sheffield decided to use the Easter break to clear the garage but wasn’t able to open his garage door. After a few attempts and a short investigation, he found that a broom stick got stuck in the door mechanism and caused it to buckle.

  • A man in Milton Keynes was decorating the living room when he stumbled over a pot of gloss paint covering the sofa and carpet causing nearly £2,800 worth of damage.

  • A policyholder in Ilford was taken by surprise when all the lights went out in his home on Easter Monday. As it turned out, the neighbours had been renovating their property and damaged the cables which cost over £800 to fix.


Rob Smale, Claims Director at Ageas, said: “The long Easter weekend is a perfect time for families around the UK to enjoy their time together. But it’s also when many of us catch up on all those DIY jobs that have made the ‘to do’ list over the winter period. As our claims data suggest, DIY disasters aren’t a rare occurrence and that’s why our claims teams will be on hand 24/7 during Easter to help fix mishaps in homes around the country.”