In conjunction with national Pension Awareness Day on 15 September, Scottish Widows embarked on a tour of the UK’s biggest employers with Pension Geeks and was welcomed by Ageas on Thursday 22 and Friday 23 September.

Ageas believes that saving for your retirement is really important, and offers all employees access to the Group Personal Pension Scheme, administered by Scottish Widows and managed by Benefits Consultants at Capita Employee Benefits.  During September and into October, Ageas teamed up with Scottish Widows, sponsors of the ‘Pension Geeks’ bus, to raise awareness of the importance of saving for retirement.

Nick Cansfield, Head of Reward and Policy at Ageas UK said, “Prior to August 2013, we had a number of different pensions schemes in place, but wanted to have one approach that was available to all our employees regardless of the Ageas business they worked in.  The new legislation meant we could source one provider who would be able to help us achieve our ambitions and we chose Scottish Widows.” 

Before the visit by Scottish Widows and Pension Geeks, just under 80% of Ageas employees were members of the pension scheme and Ageas was very keen to encourage non-members to join.  By working with both Scottish Widows, the team at Capita Employee Benefits and with Pension Geeks, Ageas was able to run workshops at each of its major UK sites providing information and guidance to employees to help plan for their futures.

Nick Cansfield, continued, “I was absolutely delighted to see so many of our colleagues taking an interest in pensions and visiting the Pension Geeks bus.  Not only were Ageas fortunate enough to be able to get the bus to visit three of our sites, we were also the first Scottish Widows client to get a visit from the Scottish Widow herself.  Across the UK, we’ve had a number of employees join the scheme over the last few days, together with a number of other people increasing their pension contributions which is really good to see. Their older selves will be very pleased that they have made this decision!”