•    1,732 people were killed on Britain’s roads in 2015, 43 fewer people than in 2014 (1,775);
•    Users of South East roads are most at risk of death and injury;
•    Hampshire suffered more than £642m of economic loss on its roads from crashes resulting in death and serious injury alone;
•    Report calls for government to invest in delivery of safer infrastructure and tackle unacceptably high risk roads – ultimately reducing the annual death toll to zero.

Analysis of crashes on the complete network of roads (45,000km) in British non-metropolitan authorities by charity The Road Safety Foundation, highlights that despite the falling number of people being killed on Britain’s roads, ensuring the annual death toll ultimately reduces to zero has to be the main priority.

The Ageas-supported report, Making Road Travel as Safe as Rail and Air, reveals that:

  • For the first time, the South East is the area with highest rate of death and serious injury on the British EuroRAP network of motorways and ‘A’ roads outside urban cores;
  • 29 fatal and serious crashed per billion vehicle km travelled in the South East, compared with 16 in the West Midlands;
  • The ‘highest risk’ road is the 19km stretch of the A285 between Chichester to Petworth in West Sussex;
  • The A227 between Tonbridge and the A25 near Borough Green in Kent is named as this year’s most improved road.

As the UK’s third largest motor insurer, Ageas’s partnership with the Road Safety Foundation supports its active role in improving road safety for all users. Commenting on the report, Andy Watson, Chief Executive of Ageas UK says: “Every day we see the devastating impact that road crashes have on our customers and their families, who we believe should not have to tolerate high risk roads on the national network. Since the start of our sponsorship, we’ve witnessed firsthand the impact that the proven actions from the report have on preventing death and trauma on our roads. The human and financial benefits of making safety the top priority couldn’t be clearer.”